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Lean Six Sigma in Project Management

Lean Six Sigma in Project Management Lean Six Sigma is a hybrid methodology that combines the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to improve business processes and eliminate waste and defects. Lean Six Sigma can be applied to project management to enhance the efficiency and quality of project delivery. What is Lean? Lean is a […]

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Date: February 6th, 2024

IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions

IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions IT project management is the process of planning, organizing, executing, and controlling IT projects to achieve specific goals and objectives. IT projects can range from developing software applications, implementing network systems, upgrading hardware devices, to migrating data and applications to the cloud. IT project management involves various stakeholders, such […]

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Date: February 6th, 2024

Strategic Management & Leadership UCAM/CIQ/204

ELECTRONIC ASSIGNMENT COVERSHEET Course/Unit Information Course EXECUTIVE MBA Unit No. 204 Unit Name Strategic Management & Leadership Unit Code UCAM/CIQ/204 Schedule Code E/SMLONLSE2212A Instructor Information Name Dr. Abhijit Ganguly Assignment Information Full/ Part Assignment Full Assignment Date Assignment Issued 12/17/2022 Date Assignment Due 1/13/2023 Student Information (To be filled by the student prior submitting the […]

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Date: January 10th, 2024

Assignment: Project Quality and Risk Management Tools Application

Assignment: Project Quality and Risk Management Tools Application jective: Create and apply various tools and techniques used in Project Quality and Risk Management in a hypothetical project scenario of your choice. Ensure that each tool or technique is relevant to the scenario and effectively applied. Instructions: Project Scenario: Project – Constructing a college building for […]

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Date: November 16th, 2023

ASSIGNMENT-2 Knowledge Management (MGT-403)

ASSIGNMENT-2 Knowledge Management (MGT-403) First Semester (2023-2024) Course Learning Outcomes-Covered Define the different Knowledge types and explain how they are addressed by knowledge management in different business environments. Identify and analyse role of communities of practice in knowledge management and the challenges and issues pertaining to community of practice. Demonstrate effective knowledge management skills to […]

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Date: November 4th, 2023

Valuation Model for Audio Partners

Valuation Model This discussion is part of the Audio Partners case. Review the following resources to prepare for the discussion: • Audio Partners Master Document [FIND IT ATTACHED] Instructions What is the best valuation model for Audio Partners? What is the highest valuation approach for Audio Partners when seeking investment or loans to move forward? […]

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Date: September 28th, 2023

Assessment 2: Sustainability Report

Assessment 2: Sustainability Report Due: 29 September 2023. Unless an application for Special Consideration has been submitted and approved, a 5% penalty (of the total possible mark) will be applied each day a written assessment is not submitted, up until the 7th day (including weekends). After the 7th day, a grade of ‘0’ will be […]

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Date: September 24th, 2023

Project Screening Matrix

The city of London is considering few projects for the next 5 years to address the population increase in the city post pandemics. The city councilors have identified 4 projects, but only one that they can start with in 2024. The projects are: 1- add three elementary schools; 2- construct and addition to the University […]

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Date: September 24th, 2023


MGT8075 PROJECT DELIVERY ASSIGNMENT 2 The context You are currently closing a project you have worked on. As part of the project closure it is necessary to reflect on (critically analyse) the project’s approach to project delivery. If you do not have a workplace project that you can draw upon, find a case study in […]

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Date: September 19th, 2023

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