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Posted: January 10th, 2024

Strategic Management & Leadership UCAM/CIQ/204


Course/Unit Information
Unit No. 204
Unit Name Strategic Management & Leadership
Unit Code UCAM/CIQ/204
Schedule Code E/SMLONLSE2212A

Instructor Information
Name Dr. Abhijit Ganguly

Assignment Information
Full/ Part Assignment Full Assignment
Date Assignment Issued 12/17/2022
Date Assignment Due 1/13/2023

Student Information
(To be filled by the student prior submitting the assignment)
Student ID

Your assignment should meet the following requirements.
Please confirm this by ticking πŸ—Ή the boxes before submitting your assignment

☐ The first page is completely labeled with my name, instructor name and assignment information.
☐ I have completed and ticked the declaration page.
☐ The contents of my assignment have been submitted to Turnitin and I have downloaded the report.
☐ I have strictly followed Harvard Referencing Style and Citations.


I hereby confirm that this assignment is my own work and not copied or plagiarized. It has not previously been submitted as part of any assessment for this qualification. All the sources, from which information has been obtained for this assignment, have been referenced as per Harvard Referencing format. I further confirm that I have read and understood the Westford University College rules and regulations about plagiarism and copying and agree to be bound by them.

Declaration Date of Submission
Tick the box to agree Click or tap to enter a date.


Name of the Assessor

Module Code & Title UCAM/CIQ/204 Strategic Management & Leadership
Module Learning Outcomes
LO1 Analyse the concepts and theories of strategic management and critically evaluate the relationship between strategy, stakeholder expectations and organizational performance.
LO2 Evaluate the impact of current and emerging Economic, Political and Cultural factors on strategic management in an International context.
LO3 Formulate business strategies under challenging circumstances of Innovation and Change and evaluate those that contribute to the success of a particular organization
LO4 Develop plans for the implementation of business strategies and enhance Stakeholder Expectations.
Assessment Types Marks Marks Achieved
Assignment Task 1: Strategic Report 60
Assignment Task 2: Organizational Redesign 10
Assignment Task 3: Activity 1 10
Assignment Task 4: Activity 2 10
Assignment Task 5: Quiz 10
Overall Score 100
Overall Grade Click or tap to enter a date..

Summative Feedback:

Overall Feedback on current work with emphasis on how the student can further improve in future.

The following grading criteria will be applicable for the course, CIQ Level 7 Postgraduate Advanced Diploma:

Marks Grade
70 to 100 A – Distinction
60 to 69 B – Merit
50 to 59 Pass
40 to 49 Fail with Resubmit
0 to 39 Fail with Retake

(Please read the instructions carefully)

1. Complete the title page with all necessary student details and ensure that the declaration form is ticked.

2. All assignments must be submitted as an electronic document in MS Word to the LMS (Use 12 Times New Roman script).

3. All assignments must be submitted with an accompanying Turnitin report.

4. Assignment that is not submitted to the LMS by the prescribed deadline will be accepted ONLY under the REDO and RESIT submission policy of Westford.

5. The results are declared only if the student has met the mandatory attendance requirement of 75% and/or a minimum of 50% under extenuating circumstances approved and ratified by the Academic Director. The student has to repeat the module (with additional fees applicable) if the attendance is below 50%.

6. The assignment should not contain any contents including references cited from websites like,, ,

7. Students can refer Wikipedia as a source of information, but the references cited in Wikipedia has to be mentioned.

8. Submit the assignment in a MS Word document with the file name being:
First Name Last Name_ abbreviation of the subject.
Example: John Smith_SML.

Quick reference Checklist for the Faculty/Instructor to accept/reject the assignment before evaluation:

☐ Adherence to the deadline of submission date.
☐ Original cover sheet and format retained.
☐ Student information and signature intact.
☐ Font style and size used as instructed.
☐ Harvard Referencing Style is strictly followed.

Assignment title Strategic Management & Leadership
Read the following Scenario and prepare a Report with the guidelines provided.
Assignment Task 1 Strategic Report [60 Marks]
Scenario: Your first assignment is to help save a company that is encountering serious threats from the external environment and struggling with decreasing market share.
You will write a formal report and you may use graphics and charts in the report that will be sent ahead of the Board meeting to each member of the Board. The report should include full citations for all references (using the Harvard Referencing System format), to support your claims and approach. The body of the report should be clear, concise, and compelling.
Your report should include the following aspects:
1. Executive Summary and Introduction. [5 Marks]
2. Focus on the relationships between strategy, stakeholder expectations, and organizational performance, choosing a theory of strategic management to explain those relationships and expectations. Justify to the Board why you settled on this approach rather than some other one. [10 Marks]
3. Identify the major external factors affecting the organization and discuss their impact in international context. Use Passport and add in relevant data and figures to validate your conclusions. [10 Marks]
4. Based on the analysis of the environments (internal and external) use relevant tools and formulate a new strategy to face the challenges and meet organizational objectives. Critically evaluate the strategy and justify why this is the best way forward. [10 Marks]
5. Explain how your business strategy encourages and supports innovation and change and evaluate your strategy against competing strategies based on its contribution to the success of your organization. [10 Marks]
6. Develop an implementation plan for the strategy you have developed and document how your plan will fulfill major stakeholder expectations. [10 Marks]
7. Recommendations and Conclusion [5 Marks]
The report shall not exceed 4,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.


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