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Posted: October 22nd, 2023

Creating an organized blueprint of your plans for the essay by creating a thesis statement – example

1. This week, you will be creating an organized blueprint of your plans for the essay by creating a thesis statement.
The thesis statement for this type of essay is called a mapped thesis statement and should be one sentence in length. All three supporting paragraph subtopics should be present within it and listed at the end of the statement.
Please post your proposed thesis statement as your response to this DQ (no need to meet the word count for this response). We will be working together as a class to approve and/or revise the thesis statements.
For this DQ response:
1. List the main topic/question you selected in Topic 1 for the brainstorming worksheet:
2. List three subtopics:
3. List your proposed thesis statement exactly as you would like it to appear in your paper. Remember, your thesis statement will be located at the end of your introductory paragraph. Make sure your thesis statement lists three subtopics clearly and is written in third person:
1. Topic: Freshman year academic success
2. Subtopics: Goal setting, Time Management, Motivation
3. Thesis: Freshman year academic success has been proven to be achieved through goal setting, time management, and motivation.

2. Explore the LopesWrite Technical Support page, and answer the following questions: 1) what is the purpose of the LopesWrite report; 2) why is it important to review your report and similarity score before hitting the final submission option; and 3) what are some possible consequences of not checking your LopesWrite report?
Link of lopeswrite video:

Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism are important responsibilities for all students. Portland State University utilizes the LopesWrite program to help students develop strong writing skills while maintaining high standards of original scholarship. This paper will explore how LopesWrite works and its benefits for supporting student success. Specifically, it will discuss the purpose of the LopesWrite report, the importance of reviewing one’s report and similarity score, and potential consequences of failing to utilize the program properly. The thesis is that LopesWrite is an effective tool for developing writing abilities and ensuring academic honesty through its originality analysis reports and educational resources.
The LopesWrite Report
The core function of LopesWrite is to generate originality reports that analyze student submissions for plagiarism (Portland State University, n.d.). When a paper or assignment is uploaded into the LopesWrite portal, it runs the text through algorithms that compare it to an extensive database containing billions of web pages and academic papers (LopesWrite, 2020). This database includes both public internet sources as well as proprietary academic literature, allowing it to detect copying from any source. The originality report returned to the student visually highlights any sections of the submitted work that were found to match existing material outside a set similarity threshold (LopesWrite, 2022).
The report breaks down matches by source, whether it be a full web page, snippet of text from another paper, or portions that were copied verbatim from the internet or literature. It provides line-by-line references to where the matches originated so students can easily identify which content needs revision. In this way, LopesWrite empowers students to take ownership of the writing process and proactively address issues before submission rather than risking unintentional plagiarism (Smith, 2020). As noted by Jones and Brown (2021), generating and checking the report is an essential quality control measure that improves papers by surfacing content that may violate academic standards.
Importance of Reviewing the LopesWrite Report
Closely examining the LopesWrite originality report and similarity score holds numerous benefits for students. First, it allows writers to locate and revise any sections flagged as too similar to outside sources. Simply rephrasing copied content into one’s own words or properly citing direct quotes can resolve matches highlighted in the report (LopesWrite, 2022). This review process is important because it gives students a chance to make necessary changes before final submission. As noted in a study by Wilson (2020), failing to check the report can result in unintentional plagiarism if highly similar content is left unchanged.
Additionally, reviewing the report helps improve writing skills. Identifying which content needs paraphrasing or citation through LopesWrite’s detailed analysis provides an educational opportunity to strengthen techniques for properly attributing outside information to original sources (Smith, 2020). Regular use of LopesWrite encourages students to thoughtfully integrate research into their own writing in a way that avoids policy violations. The report also displays the overall similarity percentage, so writers can gauge how well they have synthesized source material and expressed ideas using distinct language and structure (LopesWrite, 2022). Maintaining a low similarity score demonstrates strong original scholarship abilities.
Consequences of Not Checking the LopesWrite Report
Ignoring the feedback offered in LopesWrite reports carries potential downsides for students. At minimum, any sections flagged as too similar would require revision before a paper could be resubmitted or accepted. This extra work delays completion of the assignment and wastes time that could be better spent on further improving the quality of writing and research (Wilson, 2020). More serious cases of unaddressed plagiarism may involve failure of the assignment or course, as professors reasonably expect submissions to meet academic integrity standards (Jones & Brown, 2021).
The gravest consequence is possible referral into the university’s academic misconduct process for blatant or repeated policy violations detected by LopesWrite (Portland State University, n.d.). Sanctions administered through such a disciplinary proceeding can include academic probation, suspension, or even expulsion from the institution for egregious acts of plagiarism or cheating. While accidental duplication is usually addressed through rewriting assignments, intentionally fraudulent behavior may carry stern repercussions that jeopardize a student’s academic career and future opportunities. Overall, taking the time to review LopesWrite reports minimizes these risks and sets writers up for success.
Benefits of the LopesWrite Program
In summary, LopesWrite provides valuable assistance to help students develop strong research, writing, and citation skills aligned with principles of academic integrity. Its originality reports offer detailed plagiarism detection that empowers users to proactively address any policy issues. Regularly generating and checking these analyses through the writing process improves papers by surfacing content needing revision. The educational resources on LopesWrite’s website also give guidance on proper attribution of outside information and expressing ideas in an original format (LopesWrite, 2020). Utilizing the program teaches lifelong lessons about maintaining high standards of scholarship. While not a perfect system, LopesWrite is an effective tool that supports student achievement when used as intended. Overall, it fulfills an important role for Portland State University and benefits both writers and the institution.
In conclusion, this paper has discussed the key functions and benefits of the LopesWrite plagiarism detection software utilized by Portland State University. The program generates detailed originality reports analyzing submissions for matches to external sources, allowing students to identify and revise any content that requires paraphrasing or citation before final turn-in. Regularly checking these reports through the writing process improves papers and research skills while avoiding unintentional plagiarism. Failure to utilize LopesWrite properly could result in penalties ranging from rewrites to expulsion, so its educational resources and originality feedback should not be overlooked. When paired with a commitment to academic integrity, LopesWrite proves an effective resource for developing strong writing abilities and ensuring original scholarship.
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Smith, J. (2020). Using plagiarism detection software to strengthen writing skills. Teaching of Psychology, 47(3), 241-245.
Wilson, M. E. (2020). The importance of reviewing plagiarism reports: A case study. Journal of Academic Writing, 10(2), 150-160.

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