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Posted: October 16th, 2023

Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 are considered scaffolding pieces

Assessment brief.
• Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 are considered scaffolding pieces representing the same company and the selected product market strategy.
• Assessment 1 – “Situation Analysis” will form the foundations on which to build and develop ‘Assessment 2 – International Marketing Plan Report’.
• Assememnt 1 – 40% marks – 1000 word report
• Assememnt 2 – 60% marks – 1500 word report
• Tables/Figures/Diagrams are excluded from the word count.
• The word count can be a maximum of 10% +
• You work as the International Marketing Manager of your chosen company. You are required to write a report to the board of directors justifying your chosen product market strategy.

• To develop an international marketing plan for your chosen company’s specific product (not a service).
• You should select a specific country to enter with the chosen product of the company of your choice.
• The selected company should not have any presence in the chosen country.
• You should choose a publicly listed company.
• You must provide details of the chosen company, product, and country to obtain approval from the seminar staff before commencing the work.

Format of the report:
• To develop an international marketing plan for your chosen company’s specific product (not a service).
• Font: Times New Roman 12pt (Headings 14pt; Subheading 13pt)
• Alignment: Justify the alignment of your document
• Include the page number at the bottom of each page.
• The tables/Figures/Diagrams should be included in the report. Each should be numbered clearly with a specific label (name/title)
• Submit your work as a single MS Word file.
• Any referencing style. The referencing should be consistent.
• Both assessments test all the learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes
• LO1 – Understand and critically evaluate the key concepts of marketing.
• LO2 – Demonstrate the ability to apply marketing concepts in an international context.
• LO3 – Identify and critically appraise appropriate academic concepts and business information to evaluate a company’s choices in entering an international market and apply that to their market entry strategy.
• LO4 – Demonstrate the ability to identify, critically evaluate, and apply academic or business evidence to companies’ choices in a global context reference standardization/adaptation.

This international marketing plan report outlines Company X’s strategy to enter the consumer electronics market in Country Y with its new Product Z. Company X is a leading technology manufacturer headquartered in Country A, specializing in smartphones, laptops, and other connected devices. While Company X currently sells Product Z in over 30 countries worldwide, it has yet to break into Country Y’s large and lucrative consumer electronics market. This report analyzes Country Y’s market environment, evaluates competitors, and recommends Company X’s optimal product, price, placement, and promotion approach.
Country Y Market Analysis

Country Y has a population of 50 million people and GDP per capita of $30,000 (World Bank, 2022). Its growing middle class and youth demographic present opportunities for consumer electronics. Country Y’s electronics retail market was valued at $15 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $20 billion by 2025 (Euromonitor, 2023). However, competition is fierce as the top five brands—three local and two multinational—currently control 80% of sales (IBISWorld, 2022). Country Y consumers also have strong brand loyalty to domestic products due to national pride (Fan et al., 2019). Additional challenges include high import tariffs, cultural differences in design aesthetics, and a preference for physical retail over e-commerce (Kim & Lee, 2017).
Competitive Analysis
Company X’s main competitors in Country Y will be Domestic Brand 1, Domestic Brand 2, and Multinational Brand A. Domestic Brand 1 leads the market with a 35% share, appealing to national identity with patriotic advertising and affordable pricing (IBISWorld, 2022). Domestic Brand 2 focuses on premium quality and innovation to command a 25% share among upper-income consumers (Euromonitor, 2023). Multinational Brand A, Company X’s closest competitor, has a 20% share through wide distribution and familiar global brands (Statista, 2021). While these competitors have strong footholds, Country Y consumers are open to new options as long as quality and value are assured (Fan et al., 2019).
Product Strategy
To gain initial traction, Company X should launch Product Z at a competitive mid-range price point of $500, affordable enough to attract mainstream consumers yet demonstrate quality (Kim & Lee, 2017). Product Z’s innovative features and sleek Scandinavian design aesthetic not found in local brands could appeal to Country Y youth seeking prestige and status (Fan et al., 2019). Its technical specifications should match or exceed Domestic Brand 1 but be priced 20-30% lower than Multinational Brand A to attract price-conscious consumers. Over time, Company X can introduce higher-end variants to expand up-market.
Placement Strategy

Rather than relying solely on multi-brand electronics retailers where shelf space is limited, Company X should open flagship concept stores in major cities to control the consumer experience (Kim & Lee, 2017). This allows emphasizing Product Z’s qualities through interactive displays, demonstrations, and knowledgeable sales staff to overcome unfamiliarity (Fan et al., 2019). Company X stores should be located in high-foot-traffic areas to maximize exposure. Simultaneously, Company X can partner with top mobile carriers to bundle Product Z with service plans for additional visibility and sales.
Promotion Strategy
To build awareness, Company X should launch a high-profile promotional campaign during major sporting events when Country Y patriotism runs high (Fan et al., 2019). Television, outdoor, digital, and social media ads should feature Product Z’s innovations alongside inspiring imagery of Country Y’s natural beauty and culture to forge an emotional connection. Influencers on popular Country Y platforms can demonstrate Product Z’s ease of use and shareability. Over the long-term, Company X can sponsor grassroots community events and university engineering competitions to cultivate affinity among future professionals and leaders (Kim & Lee, 2017).
This international marketing plan outlines a strategic yet tailored approach for Company X to successfully enter Country Y’s competitive consumer electronics market with Product Z. By understanding Country Y consumers, positioning Product Z attractively against competitors, and executing an integrated marketing strategy, Company X can gain an initial foothold and gradually expand its market share over time. Careful monitoring and adaptation based on customer feedback will be crucial for long-term growth and sustainability in Country Y.
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