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Posted: September 21st, 2023

WGU Professional Presence and Influence D024

WGU Professional Presence and Influence D024
American Nurse. (2012, May 11). Doing the right thing: Pathways to moral courage.
American Nurse. (2019, July 17). Understanding moral disagreement.

Understanding moral disagreement

Edmonson, C. (2015). Strengthening moral courage among nurse leaders. The Online
Journal of Issues in Nursing, 20(2).
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Clinical Practice Experience Progress Check WGU Professional Presence And
Influence D024
Review your CPE Record to ensure you are on track for completing all of the CPE
activities. Refer to the MSN core sample e-portfolio to see how the deliverables are
WGU Professional Presence and Influence D024

American Nurse. (2012, May 11). “Doing the Right Thing: Pathways to Moral Courage.” Retrieved from
American Nurse. (2019, July 17). “Understanding Moral Disagreement.” Retrieved from
Edmonson, C. (2015). “Strengthening Moral Courage Among Nurse Leaders.” The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 20(2).
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Wocial, L. (2018). “In Search of a Moral Community.” The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 23(1).
Clinical Practice Experience Progress Check WGU Professional Presence And Influence D024
Review your Clinical Practice Experience (CPE) Record to ensure you are progressing as planned with all CPE activities. For a detailed breakdown of deliverables, please refer to the MSN core sample e-portfolio.

List 10 innovative skills required by advanced professional nurses for successful engagement in self-care, life management, and mindfulness.

Direct Feedback Activity (DFA): Reflecting on a Stressful Situation
Learning Objectives

Develop regular opportunities to integrate mindfulness within daily routines in school, career, and life.
In this DFA, you will reflect on a professional experience that left you stressed or overwhelmed and explore mindfulness techniques that could have been beneficial during that situation or similar ones in the future.

Take a few minutes to contemplate a particularly stressful situation in your professional practice environment, involving a patient, peer, or practice issue. Provide a detailed description of the situation, including your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions. Then, select specific mindfulness techniques that could have helped you cope with the stress in that situation. Describe how you would implement these techniques in the workplace, what outcomes you might expect, and how they could change your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions to reduce stress and reactivity.

Respond: A Communication Plan
In this activity, you will create a communication plan in response to a patient and family scenario. Describe how you would communicate empathy and respond to the patient, family, and the interdisciplinary team responsible for the patient’s care.

Communication Plan Case Study:
Mr. Richards is an 89-year-old man who recently suffered an acute stroke resulting in aphasia. His son, Jason, who hasn’t visited him in five years, has noticed his speech difficulties, drooping eye, and lip. Mr. Richards is a proud father of five children and a grandfather of 10. Melissa, his eldest daughter, has been caring for him since his wife’s passing. Melissa has shared access to Mr. Richards’ medical information with her siblings, some of whom have further shared it with grandchildren. Mr. Richards hasn’t spoken to two of his children since his wife’s death due to estate disputes.

As the nurse in charge, you receive multiple calls each day from relatives and friends seeking updates on Mr. Richards’ condition. To address this, a family care conference was held, and it was decided that all information will flow through Melissa, and visitation will be restricted to her.

Describe your communication plan for the following scenarios:

Communicating with Mr. Richards.
Handling Jason’s call at 09:30.
Interacting with Melissa during her visit at 11:00.
Addressing Patty during her unit visit on “patient rounds.”
Managing Kirk’s request to visit at 13:00.
Coordinating with interdisciplinary team members.
Clinical Practice Experience Progress Check
Review your CPE Record to ensure you are on track to complete Phase 2 CPE activities. Refer to the MSN core sample e-portfolio for organization details.

DFA: Identify Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills
Learning Objectives

Apply effective communication skills in various digital contexts and formats.
Demonstrate basic social and emotional intelligence skills, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.
In this unit, you explored the significance of applying social and emotional intelligence (SEI) skills to promote collegiality and civility in the workplace. In this activity, you will write a reflective journal entry to identify your own SEI skills concerning conflict resolution in the workplace.

Examine the SEI skills necessary for building caring and trusting relationships. Identify three significant attributes or skills from the provided readings and discuss how embodying them can inspire others. Reflect on which SEI skills you already possess and which you would like to develop further. Explain how enhancing your SEI can improve your role as a nurse leader, teamwork, and patient care.

Use current evidence-based resources included in the module to support your response.

Creating a Joyful, Healthy Work Environment

Amaya, M., Melnyk, B. M., & Neale, S. (n.d.). “Environmental Wellness.” American Nurse. Retrieved from
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Gelinas, L. (n.d.). “Listening as a Caring Competency.” American Nurse. Retrieved from
Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. (2018, October 8). “Encouraging Nurses to Pursue Innovative Thinking.” Retrieved from
RHCCentral. (2018, December 4). “Workplace Violence Testimony” [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved from
The Joint Commission. (2016). “Sentinel Event Alert 40: Behaviors that Undermine a Culture of Safety.” Retrieved from
Reflect on your use of silence, eye contact, and surface language. Evaluate whether your intrapersonal communication accurately conveys your intended social presence. Additionally, discuss how internal narratives can impact challenging situations and propose three strategies for effectively articulating your narrative during these circumstances. Utilize evidence-based resources from the module to support your response.

American Nurses Association. (2015, July 22). “Incivility, Bullying, and Workplace Violence” [Position Statement]. Retrieved from

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