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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Unit 4.2 DB: Technology In The Late 1970s

Unit 4.2 DB: Technology In The Late 1970s. The new technologies of the 1970s allowed listeners more personal choice in what they listened to at home and in their cars. Later, people gained even more freedom when they could listen in their portable headphones when they listened to their SONY Walkman. This change in technology caused changes on the radio as well, where we see the advent of Album Oriented Radio (AOR). What were the pros and cons of AOR? How did the AOR movement narrow the role of the DJ on the radio? How did this change the power structure within the music industry? Do you believe this was positive or negative for the music world and why?

In response to at least three of your peers, consider an album that was either positively or negatively affected by AOR. Does this album’s success or failure confirm or deny your peers’ viewpoints?

Peer 1:
The advent of Album Oriented Radio (AOR) in the late 1970s brought both pros and cons. On the positive side, AOR allowed for more diverse and artistic album-oriented music to be played on the radio, giving exposure to a wider range of artists and genres. It provided a platform for albums as a whole, rather than just focusing on individual hit singles. This led to increased album sales and recognition for musicians who were producing high-quality and cohesive bodies of work.

However, there were also drawbacks to AOR. One major con was that it contributed to the narrowing of the role of the DJ on the radio. AOR stations focused more on playing predetermined playlists based on the popularity and critical acclaim of albums, rather than allowing DJs to have creative control and share their own personal taste in music. This change diminished the influence and personal connection that DJs once had with their audiences.

In terms of the power structure within the music industry, AOR had a significant impact. It shifted the balance of power from the record labels to the artists. Since AOR emphasized album sales, artists who produced high-quality albums were given more control and bargaining power in negotiations with record labels. This shift allowed musicians to have more artistic freedom and control over their music careers.

Personally, I believe that the AOR movement had a positive impact on the music world. It provided a platform for artists to showcase their entire body of work, encouraging creativity and innovation. It also gave listeners a chance to explore and discover new music beyond just the hit singles. However, it is essential to strike a balance and not completely eliminate the role of the DJ, as their expertise and personal touch can enhance the overall listening experience.

Peer 2:
The advent of Album Oriented Radio (AOR) in the late 1970s brought significant changes to the music industry. One notable effect was the narrowing of the role of the DJ on the radio. With AOR, the emphasis shifted from the DJ’s personal taste and selection to predetermined playlists based on album popularity and critical acclaim. This change reduced the DJ’s autonomy and ability to shape the music being played on the radio.

By focusing on albums rather than individual singles, AOR altered the power structure within the music industry. It gave more control and bargaining power to artists who could produce high-quality albums that resonated with the audience. This shift was positive for musicians as it allowed them to assert their artistic freedom and negotiate better deals with record labels.

However, there were also downsides to AOR. One notable disadvantage was the potential exclusion of lesser-known artists who did not have widespread album recognition. AOR stations tended to play albums from established and popular artists, making it harder for emerging talents to break through and gain exposure. This limitation could hinder musical diversity and innovation.

To examine the impact of AOR on a specific album, let’s consider the album “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. This album was positively affected by AOR as it received significant airplay and helped Springsteen establish himself as a prominent artist. The success of “Born to Run” confirms the viewpoint that AOR provided a platform for artists with high-quality albums to gain recognition and influence within the music industry.

Peer 3:
The introduction of Album Oriented Radio (AOR) in the late 1970s had both positive and negative implications. One of the pros of AOR was that it allowed for the promotion and appreciation of complete albums rather than just individual songs. This encouraged artists to focus on creating cohesive and meaningful bodies of work, contributing to the artistic integrity of music. Additionally, AOR provided listeners with a more diverse range of music choices, exposing them to lesser-known artists and genres.

However, the AOR movement also had its drawbacks. One significant negative impact was

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