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Posted: September 6th, 2023

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the motivating factors

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the motivating factors of different cultures. In today’s global workforce, an organization is comprised of a variety of cultures. It’s important to understand the workforce to better lead and motivate them.

Reflect on the differences between the culture in China and the culture in the United States and how the differences influence the types of incentives a firm might offer to motivate its employees. Using the readings, lecture, and your own scholarly research, complete an incentive analysis for China and the United States with the purpose of motivating workers. Address the following in your paper:

What is the motivation culture of China and of the United States?
What does a U.S. firm setting up operations in China need to know about the work culture of a Chinese employee?
What incentives should an international manager offer to motivate Chinese workers of an American company?
Use critical thinking to apply depth and breadth. Be concise and address each country’s culture with respect to incentives and motivation. Go beyond description and restating the facts. This writing assignment is required to be completed in the standard APA format. Minimum 2 pages (not including title and reference pages). Abstract not required. Unit 7 AS: International Leadership


The cultural differences between countries can have a significant impact on an organization’s workforce. In today’s global economy, organizations often comprise employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is essential to understand the motivation culture of these employees to better lead and motivate them. In this paper, we will compare the motivation culture of China and the United States and discuss the incentives that an international manager should offer to motivate Chinese workers of an American company.

Motivation Culture of China and the United States

The motivation culture of China and the United States is significantly different. The United States is a country that values individualism, whereas China is a collectivist society. In the United States, employees are motivated by individual recognition, achievement, and rewards. On the other hand, Chinese employees are motivated by the collective good and group harmony. In China, group performance and harmony are more important than individual success.

In the United States, employees are often driven by competition, and they thrive on challenges and risk-taking. Chinese employees, on the other hand, are less risk-averse and prefer stability and predictability. Chinese employees are also more likely to be motivated by the long-term benefits of their work rather than short-term rewards.

Work Culture of Chinese Employees

If a U.S. firm is setting up operations in China, it needs to understand the work culture of Chinese employees. Chinese employees place a great emphasis on group harmony and hierarchy. They have a strong respect for authority, and decisions are often made based on the group’s consensus rather than individual opinions. Chinese employees also place a significant emphasis on relationships and networking, which is known as “guanxi.” Building and maintaining good relationships is crucial to doing business in China.

Incentives to Motivate Chinese Workers of an American Company

To motivate Chinese workers of an American company, an international manager should offer incentives that align with Chinese cultural values. One of the most effective incentives is to offer opportunities for career advancement and training. Chinese employees place a high value on education and career development, and opportunities for growth and promotion can be a powerful motivator.

Another incentive that can be effective is to offer bonuses or rewards for group performance. As we mentioned earlier, group harmony is essential in Chinese culture, and rewards for group performance can motivate employees to work together towards a common goal. Offering opportunities for team-building exercises and social activities can also help build a strong sense of teamwork and improve group harmony.

Finally, it is important to acknowledge and respect the hierarchy and authority in the workplace. Chinese employees are more likely to be motivated when they feel that their contributions are recognized and valued by their superiors. Therefore, an international manager should establish a clear hierarchy and show respect for authority to motivate Chinese workers.

Understanding the motivation culture of different countries is essential to managing a diverse workforce effectively. In China, employees are motivated by the collective good and group harmony, whereas in the United States, individual recognition and rewards are more important. To motivate Chinese workers of an American company, an international manager should offer incentives that align with Chinese cultural values, such as opportunities for career advancement, rewards for group performance, and respect for authority and hierarchy in the workplace. By doing so, the manager can build a motivated and productive team that can achieve business success in China.

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