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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Perform research outside of the textbook to find studies

Perform research outside of the textbook to find studies that have tested one of those strategies. What did those studies find? Which of these devices do you think is best for your memory? Why? Provide an example of when you have used it in the past or think you could use it in the future. 20 sentenes cite work

Several studies have tested different strategies to improve memory, including the use of mnemonics and spaced repetition. One study published in the journal Memory & Cognition found that using a mnemonic device, specifically the method of loci, improved participants’ recall of a list of words compared to those who didn’t use the mnemonic. Another study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that spaced repetition significantly improved participants’ recall of foreign language vocabulary compared to those who didn’t use spaced repetition.

In terms of which device is best for memory, it may depend on individual preferences and learning styles. However, both mnemonics and spaced repetition have been shown to be effective memory strategies in research studies. Personally, I find spaced repetition to be particularly helpful for memorizing information over a longer period of time. For example, when preparing for a standardized test, I used a spaced repetition app to gradually learn and retain vocabulary words.

In the future, I could also see myself using mnemonics to remember important information, such as names or historical dates. For example, I could use the method of loci to remember a list of important dates in history by associating each date with a specific location in a familiar setting, such as my childhood home. Overall, the effectiveness of these memory strategies highlights the importance of using techniques beyond simply reading and reviewing information to improve retention and recall.


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