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Posted: September 6th, 2023

ITECH3001 Assignment : Evaluating a System

Assignment : Evaluating a System
Due date: 14th May
Word limit: 3,000 – 5,000 words
1.Assignment objectives
Investigate the techniques for evaluating systems as described in the literature
Design and conduct usability evaluation for a chosen system
Analyse and interpret the data and results from the evaluation
Report on the results and recommend for improvement of the evaluated system

2.Details of written components 2.1Assignment
You will select one of the websites from the list of charities provided on Moodle. The assignment involves conducting a usability test on that website, interpreting the results and writing recommendations in the form of a report on any changes needed. Your report should be presented clearly enough so that it will be ready to be submitted to the charity.
Each of the charities listed have requested a usability evaluation of their website. The written component of the assignment must be based on your ACTUAL usability test on REAL users and should contain the following:
An overview of the different approaches for assessing or testing usability with more details on the use of usability testing for evaluating systems or websites. Your overview should be based on the principles discussed in the lectures and the prescribed readings in the tutorials. It should also point out the pros and cons of the approaches you are reviewing and summarise your findings to justify your own approach.
A brief description of the website selected for the usability evaluation. This should include the purpose (aim or mission) of the website, the target audience and the objectives of the organisation with respect to their website as determined by the charity.
For the usability test you must:
Describe how the usability testing was conducted, and rationale for the approach. You

may use the usability instrument provided on Moodle. The description should include a justification of the number of users, selection of users, the instrument you used for your test (the survey questions), the task you designed for the test etc. o Recruit 5+ real users (not yourself) and table their demographic profiles.
Design one or two practical scenarios (tasks) and test their usability.
A critical discussion of the method (good or useful aspects, difficult or poor aspects). After a methodological design based on the preparation above, this is the section to demonstrate your actual usability test skills and techniques. You should not just show the raw data which you’ve collected from the users, instead, you should summarize the raw data in statistics, interpret them and presented them in a meaningful and easy to understand way.
A page to summarize and list your recommendations for changes to the website with supporting evidence. Think about what the key personnel (e.g. top executive) in the charity will want to know about how well their website is performing.
2.2Requirements It should be noted that this is not an exclusive list but suggestions of how you might approach the assignment. Your presentation must be brief and up to 15 A4 pages with 12pt font (including TOC and cover page). Do not break the page limit and do not use any appendix.
Your report must be written for scanning rather than for intensive reading. Use dot lists, numbered lists, tables and levelled headings to organize your ideas and content as demonstrated in this document. To support your arguments, use screenshots, graphs and actual data from your test and cite references across your document.
You also need to prepare a PowerPoint document up to 5 slides to summarize your assignment 2 work. This will be used for a 5 minutes mini presentation on week 11 tutorial and will be posted in week 11 tutorial forum. The mini presentation can also be done through a video recording. You may record your presentation, post it to YouTube and link it in your week 11 ppt posting.
Please use the attached marking guide as a guide to the work and content required for this assignment.
Marking guide for the assignment written component
The written component of your assignment will be marked out of 50, is worth 40% of your final mark. Use the following guide to structure the written component of the assignment. The criteria used to mark your work will
be as follows:
Understanding the purpose of the website (as described by the charity)

Based on the information provided, it seems that you have an assignment for the ITECH3001 course, which involves evaluating a system through usability testing. The assignment requires you to select a website from a list of charities and conduct a usability evaluation on that website. You will then need to analyze the data and results from the evaluation, write a report on the findings, and make recommendations for improving the evaluated system. The assignment has a word limit of 3,000 to 5,000 words and is due on the 14th of May.

The written component of the assignment should include the following:

An overview of different approaches for assessing or testing usability, with a focus on usability testing for evaluating systems or websites. This overview should discuss the principles covered in the lectures and prescribed readings, highlight the pros and cons of the reviewed approaches, and justify your own approach.

A brief description of the selected website for the usability evaluation. This description should include the website’s purpose, target audience, and the objectives of the organization regarding their website, as determined by the charity.

A detailed description of how the usability testing was conducted, including the rationale for the chosen approach. This section should also justify the number and selection of users, describe the usability instrument used (such as survey questions), and outline the tasks designed for the test. Additionally, you need to recruit at least five real users (excluding yourself) and provide their demographic profiles.

Design one or two practical scenarios (tasks) to test the usability of the website.

A critical discussion of the method used, highlighting both its good aspects and any difficulties or shortcomings. This section should demonstrate your usability testing skills and techniques by summarizing and interpreting the collected data in a meaningful and easy-to-understand manner, rather than presenting raw data.

A page summarizing and listing recommendations for changes to the website, supported by evidence. Consider what key personnel, such as top executives in the charity, would want to know about the website’s performance.

The report should be concise and no longer than 15 A4 pages with 12pt font, including the table of contents and cover page. It should be organized using dot lists, numbered lists, tables, and leveled headings. Screenshots, graphs, and actual data from the usability test should be included to support your arguments, and references should be cited throughout the document.

In addition to the written report, you are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of up to five slides summarizing your assignment. This presentation will be used for a 5-minute mini presentation in the tutorial of week 11 and should be posted in the week 11 tutorial forum. You can also record your presentation and upload it to YouTube, providing a link in your week 11 PowerPoint posting.

Please note that the information provided here is a general overview of the assignment requirements. It would be best to consult the specific instructions, materials, and resources provided by your course instructor or refer to the course materials on Moodle for detailed guidelines and examples.

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