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Posted: September 6th, 2023

IAB402 – IS Consulting – 2023 S1

IAB402 – IS Consulting – 2023 S1
Mini-Proposal | Assignment 1
DUE – WEEK 7 via Canvas
[due by Friday 21 April 2023 @ 11:59 PM (23:59)] 20% = 15% Proposal + 5% (Peer & Tutor Review)
Write a 5 page (maximum) Mini-Proposal for the following Consulting Engagement
We write to invite your consulting firm to submit a brief proposal outlining your proposed approach to identify and detail a feasible means of equitably examining mixed on-campus and online students.
Technology University of Queensland (TUQ) are a major player in the international online education market. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, TUQ revenues have grown exponentially, exceeding $110M in 2021, this rapid growth no doubt aided by COVID.
TUQ has historically wrestled with many of the same issues associated with effective examination of students as have other online higher education institutions. In 2022 TUQ opened their first physical campus in Edmonton, a Brisbane suburb. The resultant mix of on-campus and online students enrolled together in subjects, has engendered new issues.
A key problem we struggle with is how to cost-effectively (for both students and TUQ) and equitably examine a mix of both on-campus and online students enrolled in the same subject. We seek to ensure that no cohort of students is either advantaged or disadvantaged by the examination approach employed.
While it is possible to physically invigilate exams on-campus for those students who are enrolled locally, many on-campus students perceive this tighter control (relative to online students) as inequitable. They suggest that online students, who are less visible, can have access to materials inaccessible to on-campus students. One approach is to have overseas students travel to a local examination centre to be examined and physically invigilated. Yet, this can be a substantial inconvenience for the overseas student (testing centres may be a significant distance from many students), and does entail related costs (money, time …) for both the student and for TUQ (e.g., funding the testing centres). Such an approach is particularly questionable for smaller quizzes, where the costs remain just as high, but for a smaller value activity.
Cara Gee, CIO TUQ knows you from QUT. She is aware that your small consulting company has experience designing and introducing systems in universities. And while she is not convinced the solution to the problem is necessarily heavily IT-based (perhaps it is), she knows that your group has broad knowledge of university operations, and she demands that whatever solution is proposed, it must align with existing organisational subsystems, procedures, and culture. She also recognises there may be no perfect solution and that the ultimate solution arrived at may have to be a compromise.
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Mini-Proposal: Feasible Means of Equitably Examining Mixed On-Campus and Online Students

Technology University of Queensland (TUQ) has recently opened its first physical campus in Edmonton, a Brisbane suburb, which has led to a new challenge of equitably examining mixed on-campus and online students enrolled together in subjects. TUQ is seeking a cost-effective and fair approach to examine all students enrolled in a subject regardless of their location. This mini-proposal outlines our approach to identify and detail a feasible means of equitably examining mixed on-campus and online students.

Our proposed approach to address the challenge is to leverage technology and a combination of examination methods to provide a fair and cost-effective approach for all students. The following is our proposed approach:

Online proctored exams: Online proctoring technology enables students to take exams from their homes while being monitored by a remote proctor. This approach eliminates the need for students to travel to an examination center, reducing related costs and inconveniences. To ensure fairness, all students taking the exam will be required to use the same proctoring software and adhere to the same rules and regulations. The online proctoring software will have features such as screen monitoring, facial recognition, and keystroke analysis to ensure the integrity of the exam.

On-campus invigilated exams: For on-campus students who prefer to take exams on campus, they will have the option of an invigilated exam. These exams will be held in a secure location on campus and monitored by trained invigilators to ensure compliance with exam rules and regulations. To ensure fairness, the on-campus exams will cover the same material as the online exams, and the same time limit will be allocated.

Group projects: Instructors can incorporate group projects into the course assessment to ensure that online and on-campus students work together to complete the project. This approach will encourage interaction between on-campus and online students and create a sense of community among them.

Randomized assignment of exams: To ensure that no cohort of students is either advantaged or disadvantaged by the examination approach employed, students will be randomly assigned to either an online or on-campus exam. This will ensure that there is an equal distribution of students taking the exam online and on-campus.

Clear communication and training: To ensure that all students are aware of the exam procedures and expectations, clear communication will be provided to students via email, course syllabus, and student handbook. Additionally, training will be provided to students on how to use the online proctoring software to ensure a smooth exam experience.

Alignment with Existing Organizational Subsystems, Procedures, and Culture
We recognize that the proposed solution must align with existing organizational subsystems, procedures, and culture. To achieve this, we propose the following:

Consultation with key stakeholders: We will consult with key stakeholders, including the academic board, teaching staff, and students, to understand their needs and concerns regarding the proposed solution.

Integration with existing systems: Our proposed solution will integrate with existing student information systems and learning management systems to ensure a seamless experience for students and instructors.

Adherence to TUQ policies and procedures: Our proposed solution will adhere to TUQ policies and procedures, including academic integrity, privacy, and security policies.

In conclusion, our proposed approach to identify and detail a feasible means of equitably examining mixed on-campus and online students leverages technology and a combination of examination methods to provide a cost-effective and fair approach for all students. Our approach aligns with existing organizational subsystems, procedures, and culture and ensures adherence to TUQ policies and procedures. We believe that our proposed approach will provide TUQ with a sustainable and long-term solution to the challenge of examining mixed on-campus and online students.

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