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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Healthcare Reform in the United States

HSA5200CBE – Healthcare Policy, Ethics, and Laws
Deliverable 7 – Develop a Proposal for Healthcare Reform
Explain the effects of the policy-making process and its implementation within healthcare.
Discuss the role and impact of lobbyists, special interest groups, and other consumer advocates on the development of healthcare policies in the U.S.
Examine the role and impact of regulatory agencies in the delivery of healthcare services in the U.S.
Analyze legal concepts relative to the healthcare profession.
Evaluate the laws that govern the management of patient health information.
Analyze the impact of ethical principles applied to the allocation of health resources.
The United States continues to experience challenges with respect to health reform. There is considerable agreement on the need for health reform; however, there is an appreciable divide with respect to how to best achieve reform. Discussions on strategies for reform include a repeal of current legislation (the ACA), the implementation of a universal plan, and various “fixes” to the ACA.
Many would suggest that a repeal of the current system would be most appropriate, while others support efforts to “fix” the current ACA. The health organization you work for has asked you to develop a comprehensive proposal for healthcare reform.
The U.S. expends more of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare than any other developed nation. However, the superior amount of spending has not resulted in superior outcomes when compared to other countries. In addition to higher costs, the U.S. is the only developed country that does not offer universal health to its citizens. There has been a significant amount of discourse with respect to the pros and cons of universal coverage. Those who oppose universal coverage often refer to the Canadian, single-payer system and its challenges, such as high tax liabilities for citizens, its long wait times, and the perception of the single-payer system as socialized medicine. However, those in favor of universal coverage argue that the single-payer system is not socialized medicine and its costs relative to the current system in the U.S. is more cost-effective. Moreover, the single-payer system is only one form of universal coverage. Countries that consistently rank high in terms of positive health outcomes often employ a multi-payer universal system as opposed to a single-payer system.
You will analyze the current literature on the health system in the U.S. Your final project will include a paper, a voiceover PowerPoint presentation, and an infographic of your proposed solution. Possible solutions include a single-payer universal plan, a multi-payer universal plan, a potential enhancement to the ACA such as adding a public option, Medicare for all, or a complete repeal of the current law.
The three (3) deliverables are:
A paper that includes the challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health – Costs, Access, and Quality. Please address the following:
An examination of current policy
A discussion of whether healthcare should be considered a right or a privilege.
A discussion of the role of special interest groups in health reform
Articulate the significance of the involvement of the Congressional Budget Office in determining the cost-effectiveness of reform.
Explain the importance of considering existing privacy laws in reform efforts.
Describe and justify your potential solution to current challenges facing the U.S., including resource allocation.
A PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the major challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health, a comparison of various possible solutions, and your proposed solutions.
An infographic that outlines your final proposed solution to the current challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health.
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APA formatting for the reference list, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is availablehere.
Click thislinkfor help on creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Click thislinkfor help creating an infographic.

A Comprehensive Proposal for Healthcare Reform in the United States

The healthcare system in the United States faces significant challenges in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health: Costs, Access, and Quality. This proposal aims to address the current issues and provide a potential solution to achieve healthcare reform.

I. Examination of Current Policy:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA):
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the ACA in addressing the iron triangle of health.
Evaluate the impact of the ACA on costs, access, and quality of healthcare.
II. Healthcare as a Right or Privilege:

The Right to Healthcare:
Discuss the ethical and moral arguments for considering healthcare as a fundamental right.
Analyze the implications of recognizing healthcare as a right on access, costs, and quality of care.
Healthcare as a Privilege:
Examine the perspective that healthcare should be earned or accessed through private means.
Evaluate the potential consequences of treating healthcare as a privilege.
III. Role of Special Interest Groups in Health Reform:

Lobbyists and Interest Groups:
Discuss the influence of lobbyists and special interest groups on the development of healthcare policies.
Analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks of their involvement in the policy-making process.
Consumer Advocates:
Explore the role of consumer advocates in shaping healthcare policies.
Examine the impact of consumer advocacy on improving access, affordability, and quality of care.
IV. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Cost-Effectiveness:

Significance of CBO:
Explain the role of the CBO in assessing the cost-effectiveness of healthcare reform proposals.
Discuss the importance of their analysis in shaping policy decisions.
Considerations for Cost-Effectiveness:
Analyze the economic implications of different healthcare reform options.
Highlight the need to balance costs while ensuring access and maintaining quality care.
V. Privacy Laws and Reform Efforts:

Existing Privacy Laws:
Explain the importance of considering existing privacy laws, such as HIPAA, in healthcare reform.
Discuss the impact of privacy laws on data protection, patient confidentiality, and trust in the healthcare system.
Integration of Privacy in Reform:
Propose strategies to incorporate privacy protections into healthcare reform efforts.
Emphasize the importance of maintaining patient privacy while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.
VI. Proposed Solution:

Multi-Payer Universal System:
Justify the implementation of a multi-payer universal healthcare system as a potential solution.
Highlight the benefits of this approach in balancing costs, access, and quality of care.
Resource Allocation:
Discuss strategies for equitable allocation of healthcare resources in the proposed system.
Address potential challenges and propose mechanisms to ensure fair distribution of resources.
This proposal seeks to address the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system by evaluating current policy, considering the right to healthcare, assessing the role of special interest groups, emphasizing the importance of cost-effectiveness analysis, incorporating privacy laws, and proposing a multi-payer universal system as a solution. By adopting these measures, the United States can strive towards a more equitable, accessible, and efficient healthcare system.

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