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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Freud viewed dreams as the “royal road to the unconscious

Freud viewed dreams as the “royal road to the unconscious.”
Discuss a memorable dream from your childhood. Provide as much detail about the dream as possible.
Interpret the dream of two peers using the psychodynamic dream of Freud or Jung
Submission Instructions:
Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted, and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.


Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, viewed dreams as the “royal road to the unconscious.” He believed that the interpretation of dreams could reveal unconscious desires, conflicts, and motivations. This paper will discuss a memorable dream from my childhood and interpret the dreams of two peers using the psychodynamic dream interpretation of Freud and Jung.

Memorable Dream from Childhood

One of the most memorable dreams from my childhood was when I dreamt of a giant, talking caterpillar. In the dream, the caterpillar was about ten feet tall and had a friendly demeanor. It spoke to me in a soothing voice and asked me about my day. We had a long conversation about my school, friends, and family. The caterpillar then offered me a ride on its back, and I accepted.

We flew through the air, passing over trees, houses, and rivers. The caterpillar showed me things that I had never seen before, and I felt a sense of excitement and wonder. After a while, the caterpillar landed, and I climbed down. It then said goodbye and disappeared into the distance.

Interpretation of the Dream

According to Freud, the caterpillar in my dream may represent a phallic symbol, as it was long and cylindrical. The dream may have been a manifestation of my unconscious desires, particularly my desire to explore new things and have adventures. The conversation with the caterpillar may represent a desire to connect with someone who is non-judgmental and accepting, while the ride on its back may symbolize a desire for a sense of safety and security.

Jung, on the other hand, would interpret the dream as a manifestation of my animus, or the masculine aspect of my psyche. The caterpillar may represent a guide or mentor figure, helping me explore the unknown parts of myself. The ride on its back may symbolize a desire to be carried or supported in my exploration, while the conversation may represent a desire for understanding and acceptance from this masculine figure.

Dream Interpretation of Two Peers

Peer A Dream

One of my peers dreamt of being chased by a large, dark figure. In the dream, they were running through a dark forest, and the figure was getting closer and closer. Eventually, my peer tripped and fell, and the figure caught up to them. Just as the figure was about to touch my peer, they woke up.

Freud would interpret this dream as a manifestation of my peer’s fear of their unconscious desires. The figure may represent their repressed desires, which they are running away from. The fall may symbolize a loss of control, while the figure catching up may represent their fear of being consumed by their unconscious desires.

Jung, on the other hand, would interpret the dream as a manifestation of my peer’s shadow, or the dark side of their psyche. The figure may represent an aspect of their shadow, which they are trying to avoid. The dark forest may symbolize the unknown parts of themselves, while the fall may represent a willingness to explore these unknown parts. The figure catching up may represent a need to integrate this aspect of their shadow into their conscious awareness.

Peer B Dream

Another one of my peers dreamt of being lost in a maze. In the dream, they were walking through a labyrinth, trying to find their way out. They kept making wrong turns and getting further and further from the exit. Eventually, they stumbled upon a hidden door, which led them out of the maze.

Freud would interpret this dream as a manifestation of my peer’s desire to find their way in life. The maze may represent the complexities and uncertainties of their life path. The wrong turns may symbolize their mistakes and setbacks, while the hidden door may represent a new opportunity or solution.

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