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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Examining the Far-Reaching Consequences of Unethical Behaviors

Compare And Examine The Consequences Of An Unethical Behaviors In A Nursing Master’s Program And In The Nursing Practice By Providing One Example For Each.

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– Ensure the content demonstrates expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.
– Where necessary use subtitles, recently updated data and examples from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources for in text citation.
– include references at the end, APA, 2016-23

Title: Examining the Far-Reaching Consequences of Unethical Behaviors in Nursing Education and Practice


Unethical behaviors within the nursing profession, whether in nursing Master’s programs or in nursing practice, have profound consequences for individuals and the healthcare system. Understanding and analyzing these consequences is vital for preventing unethical behavior and promoting ethical conduct within the nursing profession. This article aims to delve into the potential repercussions of such behavior, providing examples for both nursing Master’s programs and nursing practice.

I. Unethical Behaviors in a Nursing Master’s Program

Falsifying Clinical Hours: A Breach of Trust and Competence
In a nursing Master’s program, unethical behaviors can manifest in various ways, such as cheating on tests or copying assignments. However, one particularly alarming example is the falsification of clinical hours. Falsifying clinical hours involves deceitfully misrepresenting the number of hours completed during clinical rotations (Pittman & Barker, 2020). This unethical behavior can have severe consequences:

a. Compromised Patient Safety: Nursing students who fabricate their clinical hours may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to provide safe and competent care to patients. This puts patients at risk of harm and compromises their well-being.

b. Legal and Licensure Implications: Falsifying clinical hours undermines the integrity of the nursing profession and can result in lawsuits and disciplinary actions against the nursing student. The loss of licensure can have long-lasting effects on their ability to practice nursing.

c. Erosion of Trust: Falsifying clinical hours undermines the trust between healthcare providers and patients. Patients rely on healthcare professionals to act with integrity and provide honest care. When trust is compromised, the entire healthcare system suffers.

II. Unethical Behaviors in Nursing Practice

Discrimination: Undermining Patient Care and Trust
Unethical behaviors can also occur within nursing practice, and discrimination is a prominent example. Discrimination involves providing unequal or biased treatment to patients based on factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation (Narayan, 2019). The consequences of discrimination in nursing practice are far-reaching:

a. Patient Harm: Discrimination can lead to differential treatment and denial of necessary treatments or procedures to certain patients based on their identity. This unjust and unethical behavior can result in harm, worsening health outcomes, and compromised patient safety.

b. Legal Repercussions: Discrimination in nursing practice can result in legal ramifications for the nurse involved. Patients who experience discrimination may file complaints, leading to investigations, lawsuits, and potential professional consequences for the nurse.

c. Toxic Work Environment: Discrimination not only affects patients but also contributes to a toxic work environment. When discriminatory behaviors persist, it creates a hostile atmosphere that negatively impacts the well-being and job satisfaction of both nurses and other healthcare professionals.

d. Reputation Damage: Discrimination tarnishes the reputation of the nursing profession as a whole. When instances of discrimination come to light, public trust in the nursing profession can be significantly undermined, affecting the overall perception of nurses and healthcare institutions.


Unethical behaviors in both nursing Master’s programs and nursing practice have profound consequences that extend beyond individual instances. Falsifying clinical hours in a Master’s program undermines the competency and integrity of future nurses, potentially leading to patient harm and legal repercussions. Discrimination in nursing practice perpetuates injustices, harming patients and damaging the reputation of the nursing profession.

To prevent unethical behavior and promote ethical conduct, it is crucial to incorporate ethics education and training within nursing education programs and ongoing professional development. Healthcare organizations must establish clear policies and procedures to address and prevent unethical behaviors, fostering a culture of integrity and compassion in nursing practice.

By prioritizing ethical behavior, the nursing profession can ensure the provision of safe, patient-centered care and maintain its well-deserved

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