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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an essential tool

IOM Summary of the Electronic Health Record Essential Components and Functions for Care Delivery THE SELECTED 5 ARE:
Component Essential Functions Application Examples
Administrative process Ability to conduct all financial and administrative functions associated with institutional operations and patient engagement Admissions/registration Scheduling Claims processing Administrative reporting
Communication and connectivity Provide a medium for electronic communication between healthcare providers and patients E-mail Mobile devices Text/web messaging Integrated health records Telemedicine
Decision support Provides reminders, alerts, and resource links to improve the diagnosis and care of the patient Medication dosing allergies Risk screening/prevention Clinical guidelines Resource links
Health information and data Ability to enter and access key information needed to make clinical decisions Patient demographics Problem lists Medical/nursing diagnoses Medications/allergies Results reporting
Order-entry management Ability to enter all types of orders via the computer system Laboratory Pharmacy Radiology Other orders

Using the list below of the attached 5 essential components prescribed by the IOM as the gold standards of an EHR, which represents the most important to support APN patient care. For each selection:

— In an ideal environment, how would the component support your role as APN (Provide examples of how you would use the component in your role)

–Explain how each chosen component contributes to improving patient outcomes and effective patient care.

The finished work should be no less than 8 full pages (excluding title, Abstract and reference pages), include peer reviewed references and follow all 7th edition APA Professional formatting.


1. In an ideal environment, how would the component support your role as APN (Provide examples of how you would use the component in your role)

2. Explain how each chosen component contributes to improving patient outcomes and effective patient care.

The resources for this assignment MUST be within the last 5 years ONLY. Also, ensure that you use in-text citation for all resources used.


Journal Choice

The purpose of this assignment is for you to choose a journal that is relevant to your project topic as well as to understand the requirements of the journal for your final manuscript. For example, if your chosen journal requires AMA format you may want to change your reference pages from APA to AMA format. In one page state why you chose the journal, the intended audience of the journal, and summary of the journal requirements. See attached rubric. In addition, please submit a copy of the journal’s author guidelines or provide a link to the author guidelines, and submit a sample article form the journal you chose


Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an essential tool for Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) in delivering quality patient care. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), five essential components of EHR include administrative processes, communication and connectivity, decision support, health information and data, and order-entry management. This paper will discuss how each of the selected five essential components of EHR supports the role of APN and improves patient outcomes.

Administrative Processes:
In an ideal environment, the EHR’s administrative processes would support APNs by providing a platform to manage patient records, including financial and administrative functions. As an APN, I would use the EHR to track patients’ health records, insurance information, and manage appointments, claims processing, and administrative reporting. For example, if a patient’s insurance information changes, I could update their records and avoid the risk of billing errors. EHR administrative functions would also enable me to generate reports on patients’ health outcomes, insurance claims, and billing summaries to provide timely and accurate information to stakeholders.

The administrative processes of EHR contribute to improving patient outcomes by reducing the time and effort required to manage administrative tasks. With EHR, APNs can focus more on providing quality care and spend less time on administrative tasks, leading to improved patient satisfaction. EHR’s administrative processes also help reduce errors, redundancies, and delays in the administrative workflow, which can lead to better financial management and operational efficiencies.

Communication and Connectivity:
In an ideal environment, EHR’s communication and connectivity features would enable APNs to communicate and collaborate with patients and healthcare providers efficiently. As an APN, I would use EHR’s communication features to send reminders, schedule appointments, and provide telemedicine services to patients. For instance, I could send text messages or emails to remind patients of their upcoming appointments or schedule virtual consultations with patients who cannot physically visit the clinic.

The communication and connectivity features of EHR contribute to improving patient outcomes by enhancing patient engagement and promoting better communication between APNs and patients. EHR’s communication features also enable APNs to collaborate with other healthcare providers to share patient information and improve care coordination. This can lead to better care outcomes, reduced medical errors, and increased patient satisfaction.

Decision Support:
In an ideal environment, EHR’s decision support feature would enable APNs to provide evidence-based care to patients. As an APN, I would use EHR’s decision support feature to access clinical guidelines, resource links, and alerts to improve the diagnosis and care of the patient. For example, EHR’s decision support could provide me with reminders for medication dosing, allergy alerts, risk screening, and prevention. EHR’s decision support feature could also give me access to clinical guidelines and resource links to help me make informed decisions about patient care.

The decision support feature of EHR contributes to improving patient outcomes by ensuring that APNs provide evidence-based care that aligns with clinical guidelines and best practices. EHR’s decision support feature also helps APNs identify potential risks and take appropriate measures to prevent adverse events, leading to improved patient safety and outcomes.

Health Information and Data:
In an ideal environment, EHR’s health information and data feature would enable APNs to access and enter key patient information needed to make clinical decisions. As an APN, I would use EHR’s health information and data feature to access patient demographics, problem lists, medical/nursing diagnoses, medications/allergies, and results reporting. For example, EHR’s health information and data feature could provide me with a patient’s medical history, laboratory results, and medication list, helping me make informed decisions about patient care.

The health information and data feature of EHR contributes to improving patient outcomes by enabling APNs to access and analyze patient data

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