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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Cultural Considerations

Cultural Considerations. Submit an evidence-based practice assignment about cultural competency in mental health nursing. An evidence-based practice assignment allows you to explore best practice and help improve client outcomes on a psychiatric unit. Your assignment should describe how you, as a nurse, will include – or have included – cultural awareness in a client diagnosed with a mental illness. The person you describe could be someone in your clinical setting, someone you have worked with in the past, or a theoretical client.

Remember that culture can also include gender equality, sexual orientation, and other cultures besides race and religion – including cultures unique to one particular family. This assignment should be at least 3 pages (double-spaced, not including the title or reference pages) in APA Format and include:

Assessment: Discuss what you would assess in regard to a client’s culture. For example, are there specific dietary requirements? Are schedule changes necessary to avoid conflicts with religious practices? Who is the spokesperson for the family? What would you assess?
Diagnosis: List any mental health nursing diagnoses this person has or may be at risk for. Include at least one cultural diagnosis.
Planning: What planning needs to be done to ensure the cultural and emotional safety of the client?
Implementation: What are interventions that would ensure the safety of your client in regard to culture? Include at least two interventions. For example, if your client has religious beliefs that affect the ability to take medications, what interventions would you create to ensure the client’s safety? What can you do to make sure the client’s cultural needs are met?
Evaluation: How will you evaluate whether your implementation was effective? Make sure the parameters are objective and measurable.
In your summary, discuss whether any completed interventions were successful. What could be done differently in the future? If the interventions have not yet been carried out, you might discuss some institutional changes that could be made to ensure cultural safety for all clients in that setting.
Your assignment should utilize proper APA guidelines and include at least three scholarly sources to support your work. A scholarly source is a source that has been peer reviewed and has appropriate authors that are credentialed.

Culture plays a significant role in shaping a person’s beliefs, values, and behaviors. Therefore, it is essential for mental health nurses to be culturally competent to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients. This evidence-based practice assignment aims to explore the cultural considerations that mental health nurses should make when caring for clients diagnosed with mental illness. The assignment will discuss the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of cultural competency in mental health nursing.

Assessment of cultural competence should begin with an understanding of the client’s cultural background, including their beliefs, values, and practices. For instance, the nurse should assess if the client has any specific dietary requirements or if they require any schedule changes to avoid conflicts with religious practices. The nurse should also determine who the spokesperson for the family is and if the family is involved in decision-making. Additionally, the nurse should assess the client’s language proficiency and if an interpreter is required. These assessments should be conducted with sensitivity and cultural humility to ensure the client’s comfort and trust.

Mental health nurses should make an accurate diagnosis of the client’s mental illness and identify any cultural factors that may impact their care. For example, a client may be diagnosed with depression and may also have a cultural diagnosis of “loss of face” due to their cultural background. This cultural diagnosis may affect the client’s willingness to seek help or engage in therapy, and the nurse should be aware of this and adjust their care accordingly.

Planning for cultural and emotional safety involves developing a care plan that addresses the client’s cultural needs and preferences. The nurse should ensure that the client’s cultural beliefs are respected and integrated into their care plan. Additionally, the nurse should work collaboratively with the client and their family to develop a care plan that meets their unique cultural needs. For instance, the nurse should plan for appropriate accommodations such as providing Halal meals for Muslim clients.

The implementation of cultural competency in mental health nursing involves interventions that promote the safety and well-being of the client. For example, if a client has religious beliefs that affect their ability to take medications, the nurse should work with the client and their family to identify alternative treatments that are acceptable within their cultural beliefs. The nurse should also provide cultural education and resources to the client and their family to enhance their understanding of their care.

The effectiveness of cultural competency interventions should be evaluated regularly to ensure the client’s safety and well-being. The nurse should establish objective and measurable parameters to evaluate the client’s progress towards their treatment goals. For instance, the nurse should assess if the client’s cultural needs are being met, if they are comfortable with the care provided, and if they are achieving their treatment goals.

Cultural competency is a crucial aspect of mental health nursing that promotes the safety and well-being of clients diagnosed with mental illness. Mental health nurses should assess their clients’ cultural backgrounds and identify any cultural factors that may impact their care. The nurse should make an accurate diagnosis, develop a care plan that addresses the client’s cultural needs and preferences, implement interventions that promote cultural safety, and evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions regularly. Through culturally competent care, mental health nurses can enhance the quality of care provided and promote positive treatment outcomes for their clients.

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