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Posted: September 6th, 2023

BUSN119Short Case Analysis Assignment

Short Case Analysis Assignment – 60 marks, worth 10%
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to
demonstrate critical thinking, as you analyze, evaluate and apply relevant
information regarding the role of business in regards to the changing trends that
Covid-19 has caused from an operations management and employee motivation
As business students case analysis assignments will help you to apply many of the essential
employability skills necessary for today’s ever-changing business environment. Being able to
think through the issues presented in the case and offer your insights based on concepts that
you have learned in this course; along with, relevant research from a number of different
sources, demonstrates your ability to understand and articulate strategies that are needed for
today’s business environment.
Begin by reading “Tim Hortons uniform may soon include masks, as drive-thrus and dining
rooms get a pandemic makeover”. As you read the Toronto Star article, make notes and
consider how operations processes such as site selection, capacity planning and managing
operations relate to the service industry that Tim Horton’s represent. Also consider how
employee motivation may impact the operations process.
Reading: customers-back-to-its-dining-rooms.html
When you are done reading, you will use the case analysis process to write a report about the
operational and employee motivational challenges that Covid-19 presents service industries like
Tim Horton’s. Use this website to help you understand the elements required for writing a case
analysis:; along with the questions below to
guide you. Use the headings provided in bold to structure your report as well.
CASE ANALYSIS QUESTIONS – the following case analysis questions have been modified from
the wikihow (2019) post “How to Analyse a Case Study” – while you will use the website as a
guide, include only the content indicated in below.
1. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – Begin your analysis by discussing the business
environment that Tim Horton’s is operating in. To do this, describe the type of
organization that Tim Horton’s and two of their competitors are part of; also include:
brief information about their market and consumers. Finally, discuss any significant
changes that occurred in the business environment they are operating in; include new
things they are doing as well: 1 – 1.5 pages (8 marks)
2. BUSINESS STRUCTURE – Next, discuss the management structure, employee base and
financial history including annual revenues and profit of Tim Horton’s. Include in your
Short Case Analysis Assignment – 60 marks, worth 10%
discussion a brief overview of the leaders of Tim Horton’s and include any CSR
initiatives that the leadership team has embarked on: 1 page (6 marks)
3. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION – Identify the key issues regarding Covid-19 and Tim
Horton’s from an operations process perspective including how Covid-19 impacts
site selection, capacity planning, managing operations and employee motivation:1 –
1.5 pages (8 marks)
4. BUSINESS RESPONSE – Examine the steps that Tim Horton’s has taken
operationally to deal with Covid-19 include a chronological progression of steps taken or
steps that they could have taken. Include in your discussion things that they did that
were successful and things that were not successful: 1 page (6 marks)
5. RECOMMENDATIONS – Based on what you have researched and what you have
studied in this course, identify three things that you would recommend Tim Horton’s do
to ensure that operation processes are successful, employees stay motivated and they
stay competitive in the eyes of the consumers (CSR may come in here as well). You may
need to consider what their competitors have done. Ensure that you use specific
examples and support your response with course concepts and appropriate research: 1 –
1.5 pages (8 marks)
6. CONCLUSION – Discuss what changes you would make to Tim Horton’s so that the
recommendations you proposed will be effective. Then, conclude the discussion by
reviewing your findings and emphasizing what you would do differently in this case if
you were the leader or operations manager: 1 page (6 marks)
7. REFERENCES – include APA in-text citations in the written content for all facts, ideas,
statistical information, quotes or paraphrased information used when writing this
analysis. Include a properly formatted reference list on its own page at the end of the
case analyse report: 1 page (12 marks – 6 marks for correct use of in-text citations and 6
marks for correct formatting of reference page)
Content should be single spaced, with a space between each paragraph. Use 12 pts font size,
Arial or Calibri. Use the headings provided. Save the competed document as a PDF file for
submission. There should be 6-7.5 pages of typed content in total, *including the reference
page there should be no more than 7 – 8.5 pages. You will also need to include the following:
• Cover Page – include a properly formatted cover page, with your first and last name,
student number, class section, date submitted and your professor’s name (3 marks)
• Table of Contents – include a table of contents, use MS word for this. To access, click
the References tab, then select one of the preformatted table of contents. (3 marks)
Ensure that you have completed all elements of the assignment an answered all questions.
Check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Ensure that you have cited all researched material
used in the written content using APA in-text citations and included an APA reference list on a
separate page.
Submit the completed report to the drop box in e.centennial by Saturday of week 13.

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