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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Assessment Task: CW – Report

This assessment task requires the student to prepare a professional report that reflects on their project management knowledge, skills, and application of project management tools and techniques using a case study of Haklo. The report is divided into three main sections. The first section, worth 15%, requires the student to reflect on their project management knowledge and skills, including the knowledge and skills required to be a successful project manager and their ability to critically analyze their current abilities in relation to those identified in part 1a. The second section, worth 35%, requires the student to propose new project management ideas, including stakeholder and risk management, develop project scheduling tools using a Gantt chart, and create a project budget report. This section should be approximately 800 words. The third section, worth 50%, requires the student to apply project management by developing a project charter for one new project at Haklo or a free-choice project. This section should be approximately 1,500 words. The report should be well-structured, use appropriate academic references, and adhere to the fine-graded marking approach. Feedback release date is on 25/05/2023.
Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:
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Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 6:21 p.m.
Assessment Overview
Assessment Format: CW – Report
Canvas: Assignment with Submission
Mode of Submission:
Where your assessment requires you to submit work to Canvas or an External Tool, it is
not recommended to submit via the Canvas App due to some limitations in the App
functionality. We would suggest instead that submission is made on a browser from a
computer or mobile device.
It is not recommended that you submit your assignment or take a quiz on a cellular or
satellite connection. This is because loss of internet connection during assessment is
most commonly associated with these services, although we understand that
sometimes this is the only option. Wherever possible, we would recommend that
assessments are submitted or undertaken on WiFi or hardwired (ethernet) connections.
Large files are best submitted on a hardwired internet connection (i.e., not WiFi).
Weighting: This assessment is worth 80% of the Module mark
Assessment Level: 5 Generic Assessment Criteria and Marking Standards
Element Learning
Outcomes: The element learning outcomes for this assessment are: 1-4
Marking Approach: Fine-graded
Feedback Release Date: 25/05/2023
Assessment Details
Assessment Details
This assignment is a professional report which reflects on your project management knowledge and skills
and application of these to the case study: Haklo You will demonstrate your knowledge of project
management tools and techniques and ability to use project management software. The report will be
organised into 3 main sections, as follows:
1. Reflection on Your Project Management Knowledge and Skills (15%)
2. New Project Management Processes at Haklo (35%)
3. Application of Project Management: A Project Charter for one new project at Haklo or *** Free
Choice Project*** (50%)
More information on what to include in each section.
The different sections should include the following discussion/information.
1. Reflection on Your Project Management Knowledge and Skills (15%)
Approx. 500 words, not including any tables [learning outcomes: LO1; LO2; LO4)
a. Knowledge and Skills needed to be a successful project manager
(complete within the first 3 weeks of the module)
Discuss the different knowledge and skills (e.g. team work, management technical, etc.)
required to manage projects, using appropriate reference to support your discussion.
Consider the various skills discussed in the first 2-3 weeks of the module to develop a table
of required knowledge and skills.
[Optional] You may consider identifying particular knowledge and skill required in your chosen
career field.
[NB] The reading list has several additional sources of information that you can incorporate
into your knowledge and skills discussion.
b. Reflection of your knowledge, skills and competencies at the beginning of the
module (complete within the first 3 weeks of the module) and at the end of the module
At the beginning: Critically analyse your current abilities (at the beginning of the module), in
relation to the knowledge and skills identified in the part 1a and the results of your Belbin
team roles questionnaire. Underpin the analysis with reflection(s) on previous project
At the end of the module: Conclude this part reflecting on what you have learnt in terms of
knowledge and skills. Reflect on the feedback from your Study Buddies team and any other
team work you have taken part in outside of the module.
[Optional] You may consider providing a visual representation of your analysis. For example, by
providing a scorecard/bar chart outlining your evaluation of your ability at the beginning and
end of the module.
2. New Project Management Processes at Haklo (35%)
a. Proposal of new project management ideas, including stakeholder and risk management
(15%) – approx. 800 words [learning outcomes: LO1; LO2; LO4]
In the role of Project Executive, you are required to develop a report (including academic
references), structured along the following lines:
Critically evaluate how a new project planning approach can lead to improved project
management processes for Haklo (including academic references). For Haklo, the stated
objectives of your report are to suggest specific project planning techniques for improved
project performance in terms of ;
Explain how project management ideas can benefit Haklo (with references).
Explain the need for stakeholder management (with references). Develop a
stakeholder approach for Haklo.
Examine the significance of risk management for projects of this kind (with
references). Develop a risk management approach.
b. Development of Project Scheduling Tools (10%) Gantt chart and approx. 150 words of
explanation [learning outcomes: LO1; LO3]
Explain to Haklo why project software scheduling tools, like MS Project, are useful for
planning projects. You will develop a Gantt chart to demonstrate how project scheduling
looks, this will use the activities, start dates and timescales from the Haklo case study:
“New Project Planning Approach at Haklo – Activities, Timescale and Staffing”. Use this Gantt
chart to explain to Haklo the meaning of Gantt charts, critical path and resourcing to
demonstrate how project software aids the scheduling process.
c. Project Budget Creation: New Project Management Process (10%) Budget report and
approx. 100 words of added explanation [Learning outcomes: LO1; LO3]
Explain to Haklo about project budgeting techniques and how project software can support
the costing and budgeting process. You will generate an overall budget report to
demonstrate project budgeting, this will use “New Project Planning Approach – Costings” in
the Haklo case study). For the purpose of creating the budget report, assume that the
project will run perfectly to the schedule outlined by you in Part 2b with all contract
personnel working as defined on the tasks indicated. Show different budget formats and
explain them to Haklo.
3. Application of Project Management: A Project Charter, Plan and Management
Response for one project (50%)
Select ONE of the following potential new projects. You may choose any that interests you –
Digital Media Campaign to launch “Haklo Free”, Project Sponsor is the Marketing Director
(Business, Marketing focus)
Finance and Cost Auditing Project, Project Sponsor is the Finance Director (Business,
Economics, Finance focus)
“Haklo Free” Launch Event, Project Sponsor is the Marketing Director (Business, Events,
Tourism focus)
“Haklo Free” Design, Project Sponsor is the Design Director (Business, Events, Tourism
Market Research for Potential Expansion of Haklo into a CIVETS country, Project Sponsor is
the CEO (Business, Economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Tourism focus)
Recruitment Project for “Haklo Free” Team, Project Sponsor is the HR Director (Business and
Human Resource focus)
Well-being Project, Project Sponsor is the HR Director (Business and Human Resource
***FREE CHOICE OR MINI PROJECT OPTION*** – A project of your choice, this does not
need to be focused on Haklo [Discuss with tutor to ensure your idea is viable and will meet
the requirements of the assignment] ***FREE CHOICE OR MINI PROJECT OPTION***
a. Write a Project Charter for the Initiation of the Project (20%) Charter Report of approx. 800
words [learning outcomes: LO1; LO2]
Minimum Contents:
Scope, goal and objectives of the project
Stakeholder Analysis and Communication Approach
Risk Analysis
b. Project Plan with Resources (10%) Gantt chart with approx. 75 words of added explanation
[learning outcomes: LO1; LO3]
Create your initial Project Plan: Gantt chart with explanation. The chart should clearly
indicate the start date, the critical tasks, milestones, the planned end date and resources
required (at least one project administrator). Assume a start date of 8 May, 2023
[NB] To help you identify tasks/activities for your Gantt chart, you can research examples of
project plans for your chosen idea – be sure to reference them and adapt them for your
chosen project.
c. Project in Progress Management Responses (20%)
Approx. 600 words (300 words on each of the 2 scenarios chosen) [learning outcomes: LO2;
Imagine your project is now underway (from Part 3a and 3b). However, some problems
occur – select 2 from problem scenarios the list. Analyse the repercussions of each of the
2 scenarios chosen and explain how you would respond and manage the situation.
[N.B. Please be aware that some problem scenarios will NOT be relevant depending on
which potential new project you selected. Therefore, select 2 feasible scenarios from the
Problem scenarios:
A new social media platform is released that is very popular.
A key project team member is off sick for 3 weeks during a crucial task/activity on
the project.
At week 2 of your project, the Director sponsoring your project leaves Haklo and a
new Director is appointed 6 weeks later.
Employees at Haklo are not collaborating/participating enough with your project.
Five staff members leave in week 4 of your project, citing stress as the cause. One of
these was working on your project.
Key financial data has gone missing at Haklo.
One of the suppliers you have chosen as part of your project is found to be use
modern slavery.
Political instability is increasing in the country selected.
Select a stakeholder from your stakeholder analysis in 3a – they are not happy with
your project.
The Board see your project as vital and want you to complete it 4 weeks earlier than
your plan in 3b.
The country selected has just been hit with a natural disaster.
The Director who is sponsoring your project keeps asking you to include more
aspects into the project.
The second task on your Gantt chart takes 50% more time.
The software/technology that you selected is not working and keeps crashing and
causing errors.
There is negative press around the destination you selected for the Launch event.
You are inundated with job applications.
Your best project administrator leaves.
Your project administrator has been talking negatively about you to the Director
sponsoring your project.
Your project team is constantly arguing.
One of your project team members is complaining they are doing all the work.
Guidance Resources:
Your assignment must be fully referenced and commensurate with Level 5 study. It is important to reflect
on your own academic skills early on the module and plan for making maximum use of the support and
guidance available – see the links below.
Assignment Support
ARU Harvard Referencing
Study Skills Support
Submitting your Assignment
Feedback Arrangements:
Feedback will be via Canvas, using the Rubric and personalised feedback
You will receive this feedback within 20 working days of the submission date.
Haklo Case Study
Haklo Case Study Download
Re-Assessment Arrangements:
The re-assessment will be communicated through Canvas.
More information on assessments and links to further details
Links to important regulations / advice
about late submissions etc.

Assessment Answer Writing Example, Free Sample
Reflection on Your Project Management Knowledge and Skills
a. Knowledge and Skills needed to be a successful project manager

A project manager must possess various knowledge and skills to manage projects effectively. Firstly, they need to have technical knowledge related to the project’s industry or domain. This knowledge includes understanding project requirements, the technical aspects of the project, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and quality control. Secondly, a project manager must have interpersonal skills such as communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and team building. Effective communication with team members, stakeholders, and clients is crucial to project success. Additionally, a project manager should have leadership skills to motivate and guide the project team towards achieving the project’s objectives. Thirdly, a project manager needs to have problem-solving skills to address unexpected challenges that arise during the project’s implementation. Finally, a project manager should have knowledge of project management methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methodologies to choose the most suitable one for the project.

In my chosen career field, as a software development project manager, I require technical knowledge of software development, programming languages, databases, and operating systems. I also need to have strong leadership skills to lead and motivate software development teams, as well as interpersonal skills to communicate with clients, stakeholders, and team members.

Table of Required Knowledge and Skills

Required Knowledge and Skills Description
Technical knowledge Understanding of project requirements, technical aspects, budgeting, planning, and quality control.
Interpersonal skills Communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and team building.
Problem-solving skills Ability to address unexpected challenges during the project.
Project management methodologies Knowledge of project management methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methodologies.
b. Reflection of your knowledge, skills and competencies

At the beginning of the module, I critically analyzed my current abilities and identified my strengths and weaknesses in relation to the knowledge and skills required to manage projects. I realized that my technical knowledge was strong, but I needed to improve my interpersonal skills, particularly in communication and conflict resolution. Through reflection on previous project experiences, I identified areas where I could improve and develop my competencies further.

At the end of the module, I have gained a better understanding of project management methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall. I have also improved my interpersonal skills through group assignments, where I had to communicate and collaborate with my Study Buddies team members. The feedback I received from my team members was helpful in identifying areas where I needed to improve further. I am now more confident in my ability to manage projects effectively, and I look forward to applying my new knowledge and skills to my future projects.

[Optional] Visual Representation of Analysis

Required Knowledge and Skills Beginning of Module End of Module
Technical knowledge Strength Strength
Interpersonal skills Weakness Improved
Problem-solving skills Competent Competent
Project management methodologies Basic knowledge Improved
Great job on identifying the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful project manager, as well as reflecting on your own knowledge, skills, and competencies. It’s important to continually evaluate yourself and seek opportunities for growth and improvement, which you have demonstrated through your reflection.

Your table of required knowledge and skills provides a clear and concise overview of what is needed to be an effective project manager. Your self-reflection shows that you have made progress in improving your interpersonal skills, which is essential for successful project management. It’s also great to see that you have gained a better understanding of project management methodologies and are now more confident in your abilities.

Ultimately, your analysis and reflection demonstrate a strong understanding of the knowledge and skills required for project management and a willingness to improve and grow in your role as a project manager. Keep up the good work!

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