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Posted: September 4th, 2023

Part 1: Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities

Part 1: Listening, Speaking and Writing Activities

Use the “Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities” template and “Class Profile” to complete this assignment.

Using the same grade level you selected for your previous lesson plans or from your field experiences, select a state standard that focuses on listening, writing, and speaking skills to develop three listening, speaking, and writing activities.

Below are examples of possible activities:

Persuasive writing, speech writing, debates, class discussions, presentations on topics of student interest, persuasive advertisement, or advertisement campaign
Your learning activities should be appropriate for students detailed within the “Class Profile” and include the following:

Strategies that encourage students to apply personal opinions toward the interpretation of texts
Various forms of communication (verbal, nonverbal, media, etc.) techniques to foster elementary students’ active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction
Accommodations related to assessment and testing conditions to meet diverse needs of students
Part 2: Rationale

In 250-500 words, rationalize your instructional choices explaining why the activities chosen are appropriate for all ”Class Profile” students and clearly focuses on creativity and student engagement. In addition, explain the elements of effective speaking. Additionally, discuss how verbal and nonverbal communication affects the persuasive aspect of having students advertise and/or present an idea.

Part 1: Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities

Activity 1: Debates on Contemporary Issues

Grade Level: 6th Grade

State Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.6.1.A: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions.

In this activity, students will engage in debates on contemporary issues relevant to their age group, such as the use of technology in classrooms or the benefits of outdoor activities. This will encourage active inquiry and collaboration among the students. Students will be divided into teams and assigned different perspectives to defend. They will research their assigned viewpoint, prepare arguments, and engage in structured debates. This activity will foster speaking and listening skills, as students will need to articulate their thoughts clearly and respond to counterarguments.

Activity 2: Persuasive Advertisement Campaign

State Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.6.1.B: Support claim(s) with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

In this activity, students will work in pairs to create a persuasive advertisement campaign for a product or service of their choice. Each pair will be responsible for designing posters, writing persuasive scripts, and delivering a presentation to the class. This activity promotes writing skills by requiring students to craft compelling messages with clear reasons and evidence to support their claims. It also hones speaking skills as students will have to deliver their presentations convincingly.

Activity 3: Collaborative Storytelling Project

State Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.6.2: Interpret information presented in diverse media and formats.

Students will work in small groups to create a collaborative storytelling project. Each group will be given a different media format, such as comic strips, audio recordings, or short videos. They will develop a cohesive story, ensuring that the narrative remains consistent across their chosen medium. This activity encourages creativity and collaboration, as students need to work together to interpret and convey information through various media. It also enhances listening skills, as students will need to understand and incorporate each group member’s contributions into the story.


To meet the diverse needs of students in the class profile, accommodations will be made. For students with learning disabilities, clear instructions will be provided, and they can work in pairs with a peer mentor for extra support. Students with visual impairments will be given options to work on auditory or tactile storytelling projects. English language learners will have access to bilingual resources and additional time for preparation.

Part 2: Rationale

The chosen activities align with the state standards and the class profile, promoting creativity, engagement, and the development of effective communication skills. These activities encourage students to apply personal opinions while interpreting texts, fostering critical thinking. Collaborative discussions, persuasive advertisements, and storytelling projects cater to various forms of communication, accommodating different learning styles.

Effective speaking involves clarity, organization, and audience engagement. Students will learn to structure their ideas logically, modulate their voice, and maintain eye contact. Verbal and nonverbal communication significantly impacts persuasion. When students create persuasive advertisements or presentations, their use of tone, gestures, and facial expressions enhances the emotional appeal of their message. Additionally, visual elements in advertisements, such as imagery and design, contribute to the overall persuasiveness.

In conclusion, these activities are designed to empower students with the skills needed for effective communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. By integrating listening, speaking, and writing activities, students will develop a holistic understanding of communication and become more confident and articulate individuals.


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