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Posted: September 4th, 2023

Final Case Study: IT Healthcare Project

Final Project Part 1 N527


For part 1, I need the power point. I will do the voiceover. Thank you.


Complete the following 8 tasks for your final assigned case study regarding a healthcare IT project management scenario. See the summary below Parts 1 & 2 for a list of the task assignments. Final Project Part 1 N527

***Please read through the entire scenario on the following pages before beginning these tasks.

Final Project Part 1 N527 Part 1: Task 1
Prepare a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation that informs administration and the hospital board of the need for the proposed project. Use Voice Thread to narrate and present each slide. Make the presentation available to the course
Final Project Part 1 N527 Part 2: Tasks 2-8
Prepare a scope

Prepare a traceability

Prepare a RACI

Prepare a milestone

Prepare a schedule Gantt

Prepare a Change

Write a 250 word, letter to the Orthopedic

Assigned Case Study: Healthcare IT Project

The purpose of this case study is to help you practice some of the project management skills you are developing as part of this course, and to provide an understanding of some PRINCE2 terminology.

Acknowledgements: This case was written initially by Elizabeth Harrin, the author of Project Management in the Real World and Social Media for Project Managers. Final Project Part 1 N527

Initiating Phase
Background Scenario:

You have been volunteering at St. Jude’s, the local hospital, for a couple of years now. St. Jude’s is a small, privately-run, hospital serving your town and the surrounding area. As a specialist in cancer care, it also accepts referrals from the wider region. It does not have an emergency room or a pediatric capability. It has 125 beds for patients who require an overnight stay and 40 consulting rooms where doctors meet with patients before and after surgery. The hospital has 360 staff, ranging from kitchen porters to nurses and physicians, as well as an on-site pharmacy team.

The hospital, St. Jude’s, has operating rooms (OR’s) all outfitted and up-to-date, but for a while the hospital Board has wanted to make better use of the facilities and expand the range of services provided at the hospital. With this in mind, the hospital has been raising money for equipment and buildings to become an orthopedic center of excellence, meaning it will become the preeminent place in the district for orthopedic surgery such as joint replacement. This makes good use of the existing bedrooms, consulting rooms and OR’s while allowing the hospital to expand at a manageable pace. The fundraising has finally reached its total and the proposals for the new wing have been agreed upon by the hospital Board. The project is now going ahead. Final Project Part 1 N527

The hospital Board knows that you have good project management skills and have you to lead the technology installation for all the non-medical equipment in the new wing. This comprises of a new operating room, three consulting rooms and a new administration office for the OR manager, Frankie Stone. The physical building is being constructed by an external company with their own project manager, but once they have completed the shell they will hand it over to the hospital teams to equip the building.

The overall budget has been approved and the building contractor expects to have the new buildings finished in three more months. Work started five months ago. Once the building has been handed over, the Hospital Director, Jonathan Grey, wants to start using it as quickly as possible, so the IT installation should be done within three weeks after building completion and the training should be done two weeks after that. You should start planning the IT project as soon as possible since you will outsource a lot of the work. Final Project Part 1 N527

Note: PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method used in 160 countries and the de facto standard in the UK and much of Europe. PRINCE2 is processed based, with processes covering starting a project, directing a project, initiating a project, managing stage boundaries (sign off and moving between stages), controlling a stage, managing product delivery (there is an emphasis on product based planning) and closing a project. This is all done in an environment of seven themes: business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change and progress.

PART 1: Task 1:
Prepare a brief 5 minute VoiceThread/PowerPoint presentation for Jonathan: (follow your course link to VoiceThread) Final Project Part 1 N527
You will give this as part of your initial meeting with him. Summarize the results from the initiation phase, presenting your team structure chart, proposed budget and any key details from the Project Brief. Assume the presentation is for a management review to approve your initial approach. Assume you will carry out the project management role as a volunteer, but that other contractors like the trainer and computer experts will be paid. The 15 OR staff will also need basic PC training on how to use things like Word and email, so assume you or another volunteer you can carry this out at no charge. While Jonathan wants the new facilities to open as quickly as possible, it is expensive to have contractors working weekends, so the work will be planned and carried out on weekdays only to avoid paying overtime rates.

A project cost estimate has been prepared at a high level. Familiarize yourself with the cost estimate. The following spreadsheet includes estimated costs:

Final Project Part 1 N527 Case Study Information:
Required–One desktop PC for the OR manager’s office with a standard PC
Required–One PC mounted on a mobile cart (such as the ones on Battery Powered Medical Cart – Hospital Computer Carts On Wheels (COW Cart) | Altus, Inc. (,, or
This mobile cart computer will need to have a pair of medical monitors (such as the RadiForce range from so the surgeon can see two x-rays displayed side by side. This PC will also need a special infection control keyboard and mouse (also available from Parity Medical, for example) to minimize the dirt in the OR.
Required–One PC with one medical monitor for each of the three new consulting rooms (making a total of five computers, five medical monitors and one ordinary monitor for the whole project).
Required–Desks, mice, and mouse pads for each of the office-based new
Required–Software on each of the computers to provide internet access, word processing, spreadsheets and email (for example, Microsoft Office).
Required–Software on each of the computers for orthopedic templating, such as OrthoView ( or
Required–A high-end laser printer and a fax machine for the OR manager’s
Required–Four desk telephones that will be connected to the hospital telephony
Required–Time for outsourced computer experts to install the computers, wireless network, and
Required—Assume maintenance costs over a three year period (assume 8% of purchase price).
Required—Estimate Assume a rate of 10% Final Project Part 1 N527
Required–Time for one outsourced trainer to run one-to-one sessions with 15 staff to show them the new orthopedic templating software. Assume a total of four hours of training for each staff member, which equates to 60 training Assume a rate of $115 per hour for the trainer.
Important—Do not include costs for the staff to attend the
Important–PRINCE2 recommends that the project manager produce a Project Brief at an early stages of the project to define how the project will be done and what will be done. For this final assigned case study you will not need to do this.
Templates for project briefs are available here:
Additional templates are available for download through: PRINCE2 Templates – Free download | XPM Consulting
A training manual is available for download, if you are looking for more information: The PRINCE2 Training Manual (
Important—See the following organizational chart for Jude’s. The Hospital Director, Jonathan Grey, will be the project sponsor. In the future you would have to decide who else would sit on the steering group, and who else from the hospital would be required to assist with the project. This is not required for your final assigned case study. Final Project Part 1 N527
Important–Use the organization chart provided and remember it would be useful to have support from the OR team as well as the Facilities team who are responsible for the hospital buildings and are also the main point of contact for the new build and the construction work.

Important: The following is the case study’s organizational

Part 2:
Planning: Tasks 2 – 6
Prepare a scope statement using the template provided on the companion website, and review the sample in the text. or Remember that the general main goals of the Healthcare IT Project are to:
prepare a budget for the project
develop a plan and schedule
install and test the IT equipment
train the users
Prepare a requirements traceability matrix using the template provided on the companion website, o r and review the sample in the text. Frankie Stone, the OR manager, is verykeen for the requirements for the training needs and training materials for her team in particular to be documented and approved. Also use the information from the cost estimate. Final Project Part 1 N527
Jonathan is keen to minimize the disruption in the hospital, so you will work with the builders to ensure the network is installed as the new wing is constructed. This will avoid damaging the decoration and creating more disruption once the building shell is In addition, a request for proposal for this work is always completed at this point but will not be done for the final project.
Create a RACI chart for the main tasks and deliverables for the project, using the template on the companion or
The RACI chart will include the following headings: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed

Assume there is no software development required, and that the hospital has a couple of local preferred suppliers for desks, printers, telephones and fax machines. Also assume that the communications network is already in place and that there is no need for additional servers, switches or other networking hardware – it is just the wireless network you have to plan for. Final Project Part 1 N527

Create a milestone list: Directions are provided in your
Create a Gantt chart with the proposed schedule using Microsoft Visio or another preferred application: Components of a Gantt chart is provided in your text.
There are free templates available online. One source : Simple Gantt Chart (,
For a more complete project management package – The author of your book has a Microsoft Project package guide available to download: pdf (

–Negative risks might include delays to delivery of equipment, delays to the OR build, inability to free up staff for training, potential for poor training materials provided by external trainer, lack of support from key hospital staff members, poor working practices of suppliers, learning new skills results in staff leaving to work elsewhere, etc.

–Positive risks

might include developing a good partnership with the new supplier, training material that can be used for other hospital staff, developing team member skills, etc.

Executing Phase: Task 7

Now the project is underway, the Head of Clinical Services, Katrin Speech, has complained that the installation of the wireless network is too noisy, as contractors are crawling in the ceilings above patient bedrooms to do the work. Assume the project schedule has been changed to move the rest of the wireless installation to weekends, when the wards are less This will also have an impact on the project costs, as the contractors will be paid at 1.5 times their day rate for weekend work (i.e. time and a half). Final Project Part 1 N527
7. Complete a Change Request using the template on the companion website and reviewing the sample in the text. Jonathan approves your new schedule and agrees to fund the overtime payments for the contractors.
Frankie and her team are the employees who require training on the new PC equipment and software. Assume a brief training plan has been prepared for the OR team covering what they need to know to use the PCs and the new orthopedic templating software, and a schedule for training sessions has also been prepared. Remember you or a volunteer will be able to carry out the basic PC training but that an external trainer will provide training on the templating software. The staff are existing employees with ongoing day- to-day duties, so Frankie does not want them all off the hospital floor at the same time.

Monitoring and Controlling Phase: Task 8
Time has passed and the building work is now complete and the construction company has handed the new wing over to the hospital team and you for the final phase. The new wing is due to open in a couple of weeks. Today you have heard from the PC supplier that the equipment you have ordered is being delivered at the last minute but still on time. Jonathan has already organized the local media to come along to cover the opening and this date cannot be changed.

8. Write a 250 word letter to the surgeon explaining that all hardware and software for orthopedic templating will continue as originally planned. Final Project Part 1 N527
***See the history for task 8 below:

History: The top surgeon in the hospital has come to you to complain that the orthopedic templating software that has been selected is OrthoView ( He has used TraumaCad ( in the past and was very impressed with it. He is annoyed that he was not consulted and his mood is affecting other stakeholders. Jonathan was consulted and he agrees that no plans will change at this late date.

Closing Phase: Not included in this final assigned case study.

Grade for Final Project Part 1


Slide 1: Introduction

Title of the presentation: “Orthopedic Center of Excellence IT Project”
Presenter name and role: [Your Name], Project Manager
Date and audience: [Current Date], Hospital Board and Administration
Slide 2: Background Information

Brief overview of St. Jude’s hospital: privately-run, 125 beds, cancer care specialist, accepts referrals, no emergency room or pediatric capability
Hospital’s goal: become the orthopedic center of excellence in the district
Overview of the project: expansion of facilities to include a new operating room, three consulting rooms, and a new administration office for the OR manager
Slide 3: Project Brief

Project objective: installation of IT equipment in the new wing of the hospital
Budget: approved by the hospital board
Timeline: IT installation to be completed within three weeks after building completion, training to be done two weeks after that
Project Manager: [Your Name]
Team structure chart: present chart showing project team members and their roles
Slide 4: Project Scope

Definition of the project scope: IT equipment installation in the new wing of the hospital
Inclusions: one desktop PC for the OR manager’s office with a standard PC, basic PC training for 15 OR staff, outsourcing of other IT work to external contractors
Exclusions: installation of medical equipment
Slide 5: Traceability Matrix

Definition of traceability matrix: a tool to ensure that all requirements are met and accounted for in the project
Present traceability matrix for the IT project, mapping requirements to the project objectives
Slide 6: RACI Chart

Definition of RACI chart: a tool to clarify roles and responsibilities of project team members
Present RACI chart for the IT project, outlining who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each task
Slide 7: Milestone Chart

Definition of milestone chart: a tool to track the progress of the project against specific milestones
Present milestone chart for the IT project, outlining key milestones and their deadlines
Slide 8: Gantt Chart

Definition of Gantt chart: a tool to visualize the project schedule and track progress against it
Present Gantt chart for the IT project, outlining the timeline for each task and their dependencies
Slide 9: Change Management Plan

Definition of change management plan: a tool to manage changes in the project and ensure they are properly approved and documented
Outline the change management plan for the IT project, including the process for requesting and approving changes
Slide 10: Conclusion

Summary of the proposed IT project for the orthopedic center of excellence
Reiteration of the budget and timeline
Request for approval from the hospital board and administration

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