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Posted: September 4th, 2023


CMRJ 316 PRISIONERS. Describe and explain the unique challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and other extremist groups. Develop a plausible approach that prison administrators could implement in tackling some of the most significant challenges.

Each student submission to the assignment must be a minimum of 3 full pages with APA 7th edition citations and references.

All assignments must be written in an academic tone. Remember, an academic essay is not to be written like you are having a casual conversation with your friends. Do not include slang or foul language unless you are quoting someone.

Lengthy direct quotes are not permitted. Direct quotes, if used, must be limited to a few words. As university students, you are expected to paraphrase and cite. For more information on properly citing sources in your assignments please refer to the APA 7th edition manual. While the assignments are to include an examination of current research of a particular problem, they also need to include the student’s careful and informed analysis of the problem.

Remember each assignment must be submitted as a Word Doc attachment. You must use a 12-point Times New Roman font. Margins will also need to be 1-inch.

Each assignment will need to include the following:

An APA formatted title page.
The original question is at the top of the essay (serves as the abstract).
The body of your response must be a minimum of 3 pages.
A reference page formatted to APA 7th edition.
A minimum of two current, scholarly references per assignment. Web sources can be used, though they should come from credible sources such as government agencies, academics, and private agencies with a formidable reputation within the community they serve. Examples of peer-reviewed scholarly based journals include:
Journal of Criminology

Crime and Public Opinion

Journal of Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Justice Quarterly: JQ

Furthermore, do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers (unless otherwise permitted), and popular magazines. It is important to remember that this is an undergraduate level class, and you are required to submit undergraduate level work, which is backed up by academically credible material. If you have a question about the quality of a potential resource, please email your professor.

You are encouraged to use the library to find the needed material. Additionally, at the bottom of this syllabus is a list of acceptable organizations and groups found on the World Wide Web which you can use to find material for your assignments.
The world has experienced a significant increase in the number of individuals who have ties to terrorist groups or extremist ideologies, leading to an increase in the number of prisoners with similar connections. Incarceration of these individuals poses unique challenges to prison administrators due to their radicalization, violent tendencies, and the possibility of recruiting others. This essay will discuss the challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and other extremist groups and propose a plausible approach that prison administrators could implement in tackling some of the most significant challenges.

Challenges Associated with Increase in Prisoners with Ties to Terrorism and Extremist Groups
The increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups poses several unique challenges for prison administrators. The first challenge is managing radicalization in prison. Many extremist groups use prisons as a platform to recruit and radicalize new members. The prison environment provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss their ideologies, making it easy for extremist groups to recruit new members. Furthermore, prisoners with radical ideologies can use their time in prison to strengthen their beliefs, and they may become even more radicalized upon their release.

The second challenge is managing the safety of other prisoners and prison staff. Prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups are often highly motivated and may pose a threat to the safety of other inmates and prison staff. They may have access to weapons or explosives, making it difficult to ensure the safety of everyone in the prison.

The third challenge is ensuring that the prisoners are not using their time in prison to plan or coordinate terrorist activities outside of the prison. Many extremist groups have been known to use their members who are incarcerated to plan and coordinate terrorist attacks outside of the prison. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the communication of these prisoners with the outside world, especially with their fellow group members.

A Plausible Approach for Tackling the Challenges
To address the challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups, prison administrators could implement a three-pronged approach. The first approach is to develop specialized programs aimed at preventing radicalization and de-radicalizing those who have already been radicalized. Such programs could include counseling, education, and vocational training. These programs will provide prisoners with the necessary skills to reintegrate into society and reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

The second approach is to increase staff training and provide them with the necessary tools to detect and respond to potential threats posed by extremist prisoners. Staff should be trained to recognize signs of radicalization and have protocols in place to prevent prisoners from recruiting new members or planning terrorist activities. Furthermore, staff should receive training on the safe handling of weapons and explosives, especially when dealing with extremist prisoners.

The third approach is to implement effective communication monitoring systems to detect and prevent prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups from planning terrorist activities outside of the prison. Communication monitoring systems will provide prison administrators with real-time intelligence on the communication activities of these prisoners, making it easier to detect and prevent potential threats.

The increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups poses unique challenges for prison administrators. Managing radicalization, ensuring the safety of other prisoners and prison staff, and preventing prisoners from planning terrorist activities outside of the prison are the key challenges. However, the implementation of specialized programs, increased staff training, and effective communication monitoring systems could help tackle these challenges. Therefore, prison administrators should prioritize the development and implementation of these approaches to ensure that prisoners with ties to terrorism and extremist groups are not a threat to the safety and security of society.

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