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Posted: September 4th, 2023

Clinical Activities: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Community

Assignment Content
Clinical Activities: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Community (12 Direct Care Hours)

From the results of your windshield survey, you will identify health issues facing people in the community. You will prepare to teach your chosen family how to reduce the risk of and prevent the initiation or exacerbation of health-related problems in the community.

Alternatively, you may choose to work with individuals, families, or groups that access services at a community agency. (If you choose to visit an agency, make sure it is approved by your clinical coordinator and course faculty with the Agency Permission Agreement Form or Family Consent and Release Form.)

Consider the following areas in your community where you might find factors that contribute to health issues in the community:
Healthy food options
Geographic boundaries
Housing and zoning
Open space
Social service centers and their locations
Stores, businesses, and industries
People and animals encountered on the street
Physical condition of the area
Racial and ethnic makeup of the population
Religious institutions/places of worship
Health indicators and morbidity and mortality data
Signs of decay (e.g., conditions of roads, abandoned buildings)
Crime rate
Employment rate
Environmental factors (e.g., locations related to water treatment plants, garbage dumps, industrial pollution)
Public services (e.g., fire, police)
In collaboration with your patient population (i.e., individual, family, group), identify 3 current public health issues facing the individual, family, or group in their community. The family will prioritize and select 1 health issue to work on. Select at least 1 intervention for the health issue, including the available community resources. Ensure the chosen interventions are realistic and attainable.

Provide education and/or health counseling to the patient population about the selected health issues. This can be achieved with an individual, family or group. Limit each teaching session to 30 min. (15 min. teaching plus 15 min. for evaluation).

Evaluate the patient population’s understanding of the provided education or counseling. To do this, ask the participant(s) to tell you at least 3 key points that they learned from the health education/counseling you provided. Note: Key points in this context are elements of the education/counseling that are considered important to the patient and the nurse.

Write a 350-word summary of your interaction with the family. Include the identified public health issues, the health counseling/teaching delivered, and your evaluation. As you write your summary, be sure to reflect on the clinical objectives for the week; discuss how you met the objective(s).

Note: The time spent writing this summary cannot be included in the calculation/achievement of your direct care hours.

Submit your assignment.

Summary of Interaction with the Family

During my clinical activities focused on health promotion and disease prevention in the community, I had the opportunity to work with a family living in the community. Through a windshield survey, I identified several health issues facing the people in their community, including limited access to healthy food options, inadequate housing and zoning, and lack of open spaces for physical activity. After discussing these issues with the family, we collaboratively identified three current public health issues that were particularly relevant to them: limited access to healthy food options, inadequate housing, and lack of open spaces.

The family prioritized the issue of limited access to healthy food options and expressed a strong interest in learning how to improve their dietary habits. I provided health education and counseling to the family, focusing on the importance of a balanced diet, the benefits of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, and strategies for budgeting and meal planning to make healthier choices. Additionally, I shared information about community resources such as farmers’ markets, community gardens, and local food pantries that could provide them with healthier food options at affordable prices.

During the teaching session, I ensured that the family actively participated by asking questions and sharing their concerns. After the education session, I evaluated their understanding by asking them to recall at least three key points from the session. They accurately identified the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, the role of budgeting and meal planning in making healthier choices, and the availability of community resources to support their efforts in obtaining healthy food options.

Reflecting on the clinical objectives for the week, I successfully met the objective of providing education and health counseling to the patient population about a selected health issue. By addressing the issue of limited access to healthy food options, I aimed to empower the family to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards improving their overall health and well-being. The evaluation of the family’s understanding indicated that they grasped the key points and were motivated to implement the changes discussed.

As such, through this interaction with the family, I addressed the public health issue of limited access to healthy food options and provided education and counseling to empower the family in making healthier choices. The session was successful in enhancing their understanding of the topic, and they expressed their readiness to implement the suggested strategies. This experience reinforced the importance of community resources and collaborative efforts in promoting health and preventing disease in the community.

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